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Nowadays it is not uncommon to see someone out on the street and notice they have had some work done on them whether it is something as minimal as lip filler to something more out of the box like subdermal implants on their head. Most of us, in fact, know, someone personally who has decided to have some sort of cosmetic procedure done. It has become a norm within our society with more than 18 million people have had some type of procedure done in 2018 alone. Though cosmetic surgeries are “normal” in today’s society, they should not be so prevalent amongst the population.

Many people decide to get cosmetic surgery and expect a perfect self-image as an outcome when in reality their expectations of the outcome as a whole are unrealistic. In modern-day society, people are “ most influenc[ed] by celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Brad Pitt” (“New Stats: AAFPRS Annual Survey Reveals Face Of Plastic Surgery Goes Younger”) to have procedures done. It is well known that Kylie Jenner herself has cosmetic work done such as her conspicuous lip fillers but even so she still uses tools such as photoshop to further enhance her image. Surgery alone will not get you the results you hope for because the images we see on televisions, computers, and phones are not fully legitimate. The majority of the time individuals get cosmetic surgery to “fix” something about them, but that something they seek to fix might still be there afterward or cause “even more flaws than before”(Kloppers, “The Pros and the Cons of Cosmetic Surgery from a Psychologist Viewpoint”). Expecting to fix a flaw could result in causing more damage to an individual mentally and physically. The truth is there was never a flaw, to begin with, and the only thing that could need fixing is one’s vanity and low self-esteem. The consideration of an unnecessary and unrealistic “fix” to someone’s person contributes to the commonality of cosmetic procedures.

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Before any type of medical procedure, taking consideration of the possible risks is important. A surprising amount of people do not acknowledge the risks and side effects that come with surgery. The Thornton family did not acknowledge them until it was too late and “their daughter [had] suffered two cardiac arrests and brain damage during cosmetic surgery,” a story covered by CNN Wire. A pair of breasts was more important to her and her family than her health. Cosmetic procedures can cause permanent damage to many and ultimately death to others in various cases. No matter how healthy someone is “there is no such thing as a risk-free procedure,” commented Woodruff to CNN Wire, so thinking over even the most minimal procedure is important. A multitude of people put their life on the line for a procedure that is unnecessary and it should not be so. Cosmetic procedures should not be recurrent in anyone’s life since it puts your life in danger.

Getting access to the internet, television, and phones is so effortless nowadays that it is laughable. All the devices named previously contribute to the spread and prominence of advertisements for cosmetic procedures. Information for cosmetic procedures should only be accessed by those individuals who truly need it. Instead, the information is plastered on the inside of magazines making it accessible for anyone to see when they desire. Individuals who do not need any surgery but have “concerns” about themselves range from “25 – to 65 – year old females and males”(“Medical Director of Amaris B. Clinic Predicts 2020 Cosmetic Surgery Trend”). Perfectly normal and healthy people are being treated rather than some poor child with a cleft palate who actually requires surgery. Among those who do not need cosmetic surgery for health reasons, cosmetic surgery should not be considered and much less become popular. Some people go as far as to get cosmetic surgery to “ look better for their selfies”(“New Stats: AAFPRS Annual Survey Reveals Face Of Plastic Surgery Goes Younger”). It is an ignorant reason to put your life in danger for. Some people get denied surgery the need after accidents because of lack of income and some get them just to look better in pictures which seems unjust. If social media and selfies were not around, then people would not be so self-conscious or be so worried about their appearance so constantly. Access to cosmetic procedures should be restrained and looked over since there are people who do not ethically make use of the treatment.

Like many things in medical cosmetic procedures go against the natural order of life. The amount of people is turning to the masses since they are having procedures done earlier as they attempt to “slow the aging process before it starts”(“New Stats: AAFPRS Annual Survey Reveals Face Of Plastic Surgery Goes Younger”). Not only are people altering their appearance but also the process of life. No one should have the power to slow down or speed up aging. One of the more popular procedures is “ Rejuvenation Biostimulation”(“Medical Director of Amaris B. Clinic Predicts 2020 Cosmetic Surgery Trend”). It is a more popular procedure amongst older patients as more and more people are trying to reverse their age with less invasive procedures. It is simply impossible to reverse time so it should be the same with aging. The majority of the cosmetic procedures that are conducted are age-reversal related and that challenge the natural life cycle.

Cosmetic surgeries and procedures are widespread and the public is embracing them but it should not be so. Men and women who have cosmetic procedures done, or have at one point considered them, are persuaded by lies and unrealistic expectations of the outcomes. They also do not consider the potential danger and risks that come with surgery or any type of procedure. The procedures and surgeries also challenge the natural order of life as the majority of the procedures and surgeries done are to alter aging. The popularity of cosmetic procedures and surgeries should not be orthodox within today’s society instead we should embrace positivity in our self-image. If nothing is done, this trend will carry on to affect future generations as well as their identity. 


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