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Cosmetology scholarships

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Are you a person who is always trying to dress up and try makeovers on your siblings or your friends? Then, you might want to know about a cosmetology degree. The curriculum will include all aspects of cosmetology, including hair design, nail care, and skincare.

The average cost of cosmetology school is between $5,000 and $15,000, but some top schools can cost up to $20,000. Do you feel it costs too much to handle all the expenses related to cosmetology education? You do not have to be a Beauty School Dropout. Cosmetology Scholarships are something that you should know about if you are in such a dilemma.

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Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. Branches of specialty include hairstyling, skincare, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, and more. The demand for cosmetologists has opened up career opportunities for men and women across the country.

With this degree, you will be able to expertise in giving services such as manicures, pedicures, and facials, hair lightening, coloring, styling, and maintenance. Along with your classroom courses, you will have to do an internship on campus or at a salon.

The course will include concepts in cosmetology, introduction to sociology, contemporary designs, makeup application, safe chemical processes, product knowledge, business principles, professional imaging, and salon management.

Cosmetology programs generally grant certificates, diplomas, or associate’s degrees. These programs also offer part-time day or evening classes. You can even consider joining the course that is offered via the Internet.

Licensed cosmetologists often start their own small businesses, opening spas and salons as their careers advance.

Let us now discuss what exactly is cosmetology scholarship is.

What is a Cosmetology Scholarship?

Since it is not like a traditional college course, you might be thinking it is not too expensive, but the fact is the education can still be costly. The cost of education depends on the school you choose to attend. Some certificate programs in cosmetology may have limited financial aid opportunities attached. There are many scholarship opportunities for students pursuing a career in the beauty industry.

Cosmetology students need not to rely entirely on student loans to help them get through college. There are plenty of businesses, corporations, and professional associations that offer a variety of scholarships based on skill level and discipline. Many scholarships are supported directly through beauty schools, colleges, and vocational schools.

These scholarships are mainly sponsored by three faces:

Scholarships Sponsored by the Beauty Industry: These scholarships may be based on merit or need and may include restrictions concerning the student’s school of attendance. These are career-specific scholarships, and as such there will be a limited number of awards and a large number of applicants.

Scholarships Sponsored by Professional Associations: These often provide valuable scholarship opportunities for students pursuing careers in the industries they serve. Students interested in pursuing cosmetology as a career will have to look into the financial aid programs supported and promoted by professional associations.

Scholarships From Colleges and Beauty Schools: Community colleges, vocational schools, and cosmetology schools often sponsor or administer scholarship programs for deserving students. Students interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology should contact their school’s office of financial aid for information on scholarship programs that may be available to them.

How would you pay for your degree besides this scholarship?

There are various other ways to pay for your degree despite this scholarship and they are as follows:

Since this course can be taken part-time day or evening, you can opt to do a paid internship.

If you are planning to take up online classes, you can think of working for any organization which helps you earn for your education as well as your daily needs.

You can ask someone to refer you to a beauty-related organization and start off as a part-time worker from which you can also know how to cope up with the clients and get some real experience (if you are given a chance to).

You can make up your mind and start a college-based savings account.

Student loans: It is a better idea to try for federal loans instead of private loans as it has high-interest rates which would be difficult to afford.

How to apply for Cosmetology Scholarships?

Are you wondering how to enroll for these scholarships? So here are 3 basic steps that are common for any scholarship you are planning to apply.

  • Strategic Planning

It is important to make a thorough strategy on how much money you would require to satisfy all the expenses necessary for training and education. Be organized and also be aware of the deadlines.

  • Research and Analyze

It is an important step where you do research on all the cosmetology scholarship from various sources and perform analysis whether you are eligible or not and plan accordingly with respect to all the criteria, and requirements.

  • Apply

In this step, you will have to fill in all the details regarding your academics and also personal information. Here are a few tips you can consider while filling out the application form.

  • Complete the full application and follow all directions or requirements.
  • Don’t exaggerate your memberships, skills, or qualifications.
  • Be ready with your academic and extracurricular accomplished certificates.
  • Make sure someone proofreads and edits the scholarship application before submitting it.

Cosmetology Scholarships Examples

There are plenty of cosmetology scholarships to choose from. Here are a few examples you can take a look into.

PBA/NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship for PBA/NCA Section Members

This scholarship is funded by Sally Beauty Supply and administered by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the National Cosmetology Association (NCA).

To be eligible, you must be a current member of the NCA and PBA.

The average award amounts are $500.

Sport Clips Scholarship

Sport Clips Haircuts awards up to 20 scholarships of $1,000 to help with educational expenses for cosmetology students.

The check will be made payable to the school on behalf of the student.

The applicant must be enrolled in a cosmetology program and should have completed at least 50 percent of the required program hours.

The applicant should have maintained at least 80-percent attendance as well as 80-percent grade average and demonstrated financial need.

Beauty Changes Lives Scholarship

Beauty Changes Lives is a non-profit initiative that raises awareness of how careers in the hair, beauty, and wellness industry transform life both personally and professionally.

Together with The American Association of Cosmetology Schools and their partners, the organization funds this scholarship for students in the field of cosmetology, esthetics, nails, barbering, or massage.

To qualify, you must be accepted to (but not enrolled in) a qualified cosmetology school. The award amount is $2,000.

To conclude, a career in cosmetology offers a bright and exciting future thus making the degree valuable. In case if you are not able to maintain expenses, there are cosmetology scholarships. But it is your responsibility to make good use of the opportunity given to you.


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