Critical Analysis: Overselling Breastfeeding Versus Surgeon Generals Call To Action For Breast Feeding

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The general message conveyed in the article “Overselling Breast-Feeding” was to distinguish between the positives and negatives of breast-feeding and formula feeding. The article also betrays different roles in the way society and health professionals distinguishes mothers’ capabilities of feeding their baby. There are many benefits on all sides that include breast pumping, breast-feeding, and formula feeding. One of the health benefits of breast-feeding is that it creates a more of a motherly bond and a more joy able experience with their newborn. Often times, women are critically accused for only being responsible in formula feeding instead of pumping of breast-feeding. Courtney Jung a women and a mother who contemplated on the various ways to feed her baby has researched the ways that makes each feeding tactic useful for herself and other women. Another key point expressed in this article is that there are different lifestyle choices that hinder women’s view on how they feed their babies. For example, some lifestyle characteristics that involve the rates of feeding such as poor women, racial differences, and class ranks. Also, some women are favored more for breast-feeding rather than formulating. There were also studies done to represent that women who breast-feed have a reduced risk for obtaining any infection. Overall, the article delivers exclusive content that generates reasons why every women is different and that there entitled to their own respects.

Furthermore, the second article “Surgeon Generals Call to Action for Breast Feeding” begins with a statement that represents breast-feeding is a protective barrier against certain illnesses that could potentially harm the babies and mothers as well. Also, there is a counter intuitive that the outcomes of breast-feeding have low risks for diseases such as formula feeding has a higher risk for certain health problems. Compared to breast-feeding which has been more respected in this sense would show the damaging characteristics that infants are more vulnerable to major diseases in which have only increases in the United States. Otherwise, mothers are also be involved with health problems regarding the risk for breast cancer. Women who do not breast-feed have a higher risk for breast cancer rather than women who breast feed have increased health results later in life. Continuously, women are sharing benefits to breast-feeding their baby by incorporating a sense of bonding. Breastfeeding also helps the mother’s health by having a lessened chance of getting postpartum which is detrimental to the mother and newborns health. Given that breastfeeding is overall healthy for nutrient driven newborns it also is a cheaper way to save in the long run. A newborns healthy lifestyle is important in the aspect of getting low health care bills and reducing the chance of being associated with any other illness. Lastly, breastfeeding is environmentally friendly because there are no use of packages or hazardous chemicals. It saves energy and reduces the pollution of transporting formula in and out of markets and is entirely package free.

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Ultimately, all women are entitled to what their most comfortable in doing. With all the facts and viewpoints differing its clear to recognize that society and health professional are majorly exposing the fault in formula feeding. When high stakes individuals are sharing their points and awareness’s to a cultivated issue there is bound to be differences. Sure, there are lots of exposure to the positives of breastfeeding and how it reduces risks and helps the economy but, some women are not able to choose how to give nutrients to their newborn. I side with “Overselling Breastfeeding” because it explains that there are many ways to feed an infant and every mother is eligible in making their own decision. Likewise, some women can’t produce milk like other women can. Also, some women are just not comfortable breastfeeding, and it doesn’t make them a bad parent rather it makes them human. Since there are many way to give nutrients to a baby, there shouldn’t be just one way to exclusively feed an infant. Formula feeding shouldn’t be a directional pull to recharacterize women for not choosing to breastfeed. More often than not, women who formula feed get ridiculed for not being motherly enough or not being caring enough. There isn’t a correct or wrong way to feed a newborn. It is ultimately up to the mother’s choice in what they are comfortable doing. Results change over time and there’s always going to be positive and negative remarks but the nutritional value of feeding a newborn is up to a mother’s intuition.  


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