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Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is a memoir, that is very descriptive, informal, and has an elucidation plot. Firstly, the main characters in the book are Mitch Albom and Morrie Schwartz. Morrie Schwartz is fighting the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease throughout the book. Additionally, Morrie was a professor at Brandeis University. However, the other main character, Mitch is one of Morrie’s former students at Brandeis University. The class that Morrie taught was sociology. On the other hand, when Mitch hears about this news about his former teacher, Mitch is very irritated. Mitch enjoyed having Morrie as his teacher for sociology, so he starts visiting Morrie every Tuesday. Every Tuesday is important to both Mitch, and Morrie. Each Tuesday, they discuss life lessons, and how their lives have been, and what there is to reflect on. Morrie Schwartz critiques modern society and instead creates his belief system by describing the world, marriage, and family.

In the world, there are many problems. The problems should all be fixed, and there has to be more collaboration and communication. Firstly, in the memoir, there is a lot about the world, and this is in regards to many details. Many problems were explored throughout the story, and the reader got a good sense of it while reading the book. One of the major problems was the disease that Morrie was fighting. Additionally, this results in Mitch meeting with Morrie, and discussing a lot about the world, and the values. “As long as we can love each other, and remember the feeling of love we had, we can die without ever really going away. All the love you created is still there” (Albom 174). The quote is very effective and was mentioned in Tuesdays with Morrie. Yet descriptive, it was also powerful. Morrie critiques modern society, and thus talks about love, and what we all feel. This relates to the world, and it is important to interact with people and show them your best. Furthermore, caring and compassion are key and very important. Though what Morrie had mentioned, and now compared to the many problems in the world, both Morrie’s values and the world demonstrate essential information and how both beliefs are similar. All in all, make a difference in the world, do good, and showing love is all a major key in the book, and in regards to modern society.

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Secondly, marriage is very important, yet powerful. However, marriage is a partnership, and people in the world are scared of commitment. Respect, compromising, and care was very powerful in the chapter about marriage in Tuesdays with Morrie. Since it is very powerful and deep, people are scared of commitment, and Morrie was emphasizing the rules about marriage and how to be true. “Still,” Morrie said, “there are a few rules I know to be true about love and marriage: If you don’t respect the other person, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble. If you don’t know how to compromise, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble. If you can’t talk openly about what goes on between you, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble. And if you don’t have a common set of values in life, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble. Your values must be alike” (Albom 149). Though this quote is very powerful and has meaning, it is important to break it down and give a good analysis. Respect is key, and the major way to interact with people. Secondly, compromising is key, and very essential. Thirdly, being open, and letting out what bothers you, what hurts you is another important part of life and something that should be done. Additionally, having a common set of values in life is key, and necessary. It is important to have similarities, and differences with others. However, being shy, and not talking about major topics is not okay, and has to change. The reader got a good understanding of this chapter through Morrie’s powerful quote, and how he critiques modern society and instead how he created his belief system. What is going on in this world, and how people interact has to stop, and how Morrie created his belief system is what is right. In conclusion, interactions with others, and marriage is essential, but doing it right is what should be done.

Lastly, family is very important in this world, and they can influence you, and help you down the road. Similarly, they are like your partners. In modern society, people are all over the place with their family. Some people love family to a very high extent, while others do not and create many problems, which sometimes may result in violence. Overall, society cares about family, and many people understand what family means to them, and how this is shown. On the other hand, Morrie cares a lot about his family, and Mitch also does. This is right, and family was mentioned a lot in this book. Mitch was talking about his uncle who passed away, and how he wanted to connect with his brother in Spain. Yet essential, Mitch cared a lot about his brother and wanted to know how he was doing. “Not long after Morrie’s death, I reached my brother in Spain. We had a long talk. I told him I respected his distance, and that all I wanted was to be in touch- in the present, not just the past- to hold him in my life as much as he could let me” (Albom 190). However, Mitch did connect with his brother, and this did satisfy Mitch. In the book, we read about how Morrie passed away. This was very impacting on Mitch’s life, and of course on Morrie’s life. There were not many quotes about Morrie talking about family, but we understand how his wife was with him at all times, and how he appreciated his nurse, and overall his family. For his funeral, his family came to visit him, and pay their respects, which was considered very touching. “His immediate family was with him in the house” (Albom 187). Morrie did not talk much about family but appreciated all of his family very much. At this time, Mitch was also considered part of Morrie’s family. It is important to care about family and have them part of your lives. Morrie was in good hands, and this was essential and key in the book. Overall, modern society may also relate to Morrie, and they may also care a lot about their family. Morrie did critique modern society, and instead, he created his belief system and showed how much he cares about family, throughout the text of the book.

Hence, Morrie Schwartz critiques modern society and instead creates his belief system by describing the world, marriage, and family. Additionally, this relates to modern society and its values. This memoir compares to The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. The details are fairly similar, and this is proved by the text in both pieces of literature. Firstly, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is mainly about focusing on life, and to make life to the fullest. However, many of his dreams and accomplishments were listed. Also, people are very important and it is critical to make things possible, and even talk about the past and reflect on it. A lot was going on in the text, and this overall compares to Tuesdays with Morrie regarding the world, marriage, and family. The key concepts are very salient and are similar to how Randy Pausch was explaining life. It is important to do well and make a lasting impact. This is similar in the text and The Last Lecture. In conclusion, the three main topics that were explained in the essay were key, and show how Morrie critiques modern society and instead how he created his belief system.


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