Essays on Cultural Differences

The Color Of Cultural Differences

In my personal case, both of my parents are immigrants. Since I remember I have been close to my grandparents, aunts, uncles and my immediate family. I have seen how my grandparents are helped and supported by their grown up kids. I am very close to my cousins that are in my same generation and...
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Ethical Relativism

Ethical relativism has always been a controversial issue in the history of philosophy to this day. It is a moral theory according to which there is no universal way to know what’s good and what’s not, which are from the perspective of moral relativism have different moral systems equal, ie, equal or no value. Ethical...
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Protagorean Relativism

Such an outcome begs the question as to why relativism is inconsistent. First of all it does not provide a one thing. As Hilary Putnam states if “ ‘X is true relative to a person P’ and are themselves true or false aboslutely’ then it stands to reason that there is an absolute concept of...
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Cross Cultural Differences

Released in the United States in 2006, “Outsourced” is a romantic comedy directed by John Jeffcoat which showcases the journey of a Seattle call center manager named Todd Anderson whose job, along with the rest of his department at Western Novelty, is outsourced to India. He is unwillingly dispatched to a call center in India...
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Introduction To Cultural Competence

Historical Factors and Indigenous Health In the first half of the 20th Century the Australian government promoted the idea of a single, superior, white cultural society. The belief, that Indigenous Australians would eventually die out due to inferiority, weak genetic make-up and lack of intelligence. There was still the problem of “half-caste” children (now considered...
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Moral Relativism

Moral relativism sates that ‘there’s not a single correct morality’ because the ethical or moral statements differs from one individual to another hence no one’s opinion of right and wrong is superior, all statements are correspondingly valid. The moral relativism is an extensive term, a lot of in person applied variety of different forms of...
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Social And Emotional Competence

Family is a basic unit in the society, that traditionally consists of two parents of the opposite sex rearing their children. Though this is still a reality in the current era, there are a variety of families that are seen. Some of the varieties that are currently seen are a single individual as the parent...
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Intercultural Competence

“Intercultural competence is defined as the ability to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to both visible behavior and communication that are effective and appropriate in intercultural interactions” (Deardorff, 2006). This is a skill that one should develop early on in life because it is important in everyday life as well as the year...
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Cultural Differences At Work Matter

In today’s world where everyone is constantly traveling and living around the world, people are exposed to multicultural settings in their daily lives, including at work. This might enable people to adapt to other cultures and thus cultural differences will cease to exist which then makes it inconsequential or unimportant. I disagree with this view,...
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Positive Impact Of Cultural Diversity

Racism is like an epidemic disease that is uncontrollable. The more the disease itself be stimulated the faster it grows and infects another host. Every individual based their perspectives on other people according to their own standards and comfort zones. I argue that cultural diversity alone cannot solve the problem of institutional racism. The vast...
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