Essays on Dante

Moral Philosophy By Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri, a Florence native, practiced moral philosophy, and wrote literature about the afterlife, politics, and his philosophy. He hoped to reform Italy by expressing his ideas in literature to inform society of the corruption in church and state. He wrote the La Vita Nuova, which outlines his philosophy on love and the beginning of...
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Dante Alighieri: Literary Genius

Dante Alighieri was and still remains a literary genius whose impact resounds with glory. His profound knowledge and influence simply cannot be overstated he found immortality in the supremacy of his works which few others have accomplished. I will be talking about the life that he lived, the influence he had, and how the meaning...
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God And Dante's Inferno

In Dante’s Inferno, Dante puts forth an insightful go between a person’s sin on Earth and the “punishment” one receives in Hell. The point is clear. In simple terms these ideas provide many of Inferno’s points of thought-provoking imagery and symbolic power, but also emphasize one of Dante’s major themes: the perfection of God’s justice....
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