Essays on Deaf

Life Through Deaf Eyes

I learned so much from this film! I didn’t know if someone got a cochlear implant that it took away all the rest of their natural hearing. I didn’t even know that it was a permanent procedure. I thought it was insane some of the methods that were supposed to cure deafness. An airplane ride,...
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Education For Deaf People

There were many reasons why the history of deaf education has changed over time. One of the most influential people who helped make deaf education the way it is today is Thomas Galludet. Thomas Galluadet brought oral and sign language back to America. He helped develop American Sign Language. He also made the very first...
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Resilience In Deaf Professionals

Abstract This Research paper is mainly about Deaf people who are professionals in the New York Rochester area and they are involved in a small study that helps us understand how Deaf people can obtain resilience. It is a small study of only 10 people who are all from a diverse backgrounds and all use...
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