Death Penalty In UK

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In England, capital punishment was used as form of punishment from the last two or three centuries until 20th century, when the abolition of capital punishment occurred in 1969.

Our criminal justice system continues falling this country and we have seen people who have committed horrendous crimes in our society such as murderers, rapists and more going to prison and being released to enjoy the community and then reoffending and doing the high-level crime again and again. For this reason, the re- introduction of capital punishment to serve as deteriorate. However, according to the criminologist Cesare Beccaria, long-term prison sentences, are far more efficient rather than capital or corporal punishment (Newburn, pp 126). In contrast, let it not forget that murders and criminals from this nature choose to commit the crime that they committed. A research on a child death 2018 to 2019 reviewed; “3,575 children come to death in the year ending 31 March 2017” ( This statistic included unexpected death, abuse, neglect, trauma and others external factor. How much longer will our system accept this injustice within society?

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“On 2 July 2018 Aaron Campbell, 16, broke into Alesha’s bedroom and killed her with no sorrow or guilt, he denied this accusation through his trial as he plead not guilty for murder of little Alesha. Aaron Campbell got 27 years for raping and killing 6-year-old Alesha MacPhaul”. Moreover, Aaron Campbell had a sentence reduced three years by appeal judge. The teenager who committed a horrendous crime could be released in 24 years. ( ). Where is the justice for Alesha`s family? The punishment should fit the crime. Some people might believe in rehabilitation and reintegration for those who committed such a crime. Dr Gary Macpherson, Aaron Campbell psychologist stated; `I am of the view that the capacity for change may be limited due to the nature of Arron Campbell`s personality structure and his complex risk factors. I apologise to the court for appearing pessimistic. However, I am not confident that Aaron Campbell has the capacity or desire to change his behaviour in any meaningful way and as such the risk will remain for the foreseeable future` (

You have a beautiful, innocent and lovely child and like any other parent you picture a bright future for your child but suddenly, a monster destroys everything with no remorse or regrets in his actions. Several members of our society talk about morals, saying a death penalty goes against the human rights. Nonetheless, an individual who has the power to choose between life or death and even though still take one`s life in cold blood, has no moral. For those who defend these criminals stating; The Human Rights ACT “The Right to life” ( The individual who has the courage to take someone’s life has already gave up their human rights, including the one to stay alive themselves.

Another matter to consider is our responsibility within the public’s interest. Public opinion must be considered; “The statistics on the government website shows the current prison population of approximately 82,676 in England and Wales, the annual average cost for each prisoner exceeds £40,000” ( A huge expenditure should not be spent without question. This money should be expended into other state service like healthcare, youth centre, education, criminal justice and so on, where it would benefit the public.

Additionally, the re- introduction of a death penalty would only come to a case of top crimes. It is not the case to compare with Timothy John Evans, who had been wrong convicted in 1950th for murder his wife Beryl Evans, and his daughter Geraldine Evans. `It took only three days for the jury convicted Evans guilty, and after failed appeal on February 20th, Evans was hanged on March 9th, 1950 at Pentonville Prison, by Albert Pierrepoint` ( What happened in the case of Timothy Evans, was a lack of professionalism and determination to overlook the proves that it was presented, the police ignored the evidence and Timothy’s second statement. Nowadays, crime investigation is far more upfront, our criminal justice system has more support from technology. Science plays a huge role in our investigations, forensics has improved a great deal in the last decade with all this technology, 3D printing and digital scan, there is a very small chance to convict the wrong person, and also, a murder investigation do not take only three days to be solved like it took on, Timothy Evans case back in 1950th. In addition, even if the perpetuator ends up to being convicted of committed a murder it can take up to ten to twenty years for an inmate to be executed. For instance, in United States and in any other country that still use capital punishment, can take a long time before an inmate faces the death penalty, and that is because there is a `pressure on states to make sure they absolute, positively a truly guilty perpetrator led to an increasing period between verdict and the time for death` ( Furthermore, the methods that are being use for a death penalty are far more advanced. Discussions about the pain that the individual might feel at the time of his or her execution has been brought to public attention on the other hand, the methods now are lethal injection which the individual does not feel pain. `This typical lethal injection consists by a combination of medications. Unlike others forms of execution (such as electrocution or the gas chamber), lethal injection is the only method that relies upon the direct participant of health care professional` (

In conclusion to this and in response to the general public, and the news media brings back the capital punishment it will stop criminals to commit other murders, along with it will have an effect to those who might want to commit such crime. To stop and think with their consciousness; is the crime, pay the price? Come to a sense of lucidness and responsibility to think about their own and other people’s lives. Think about the families that do not get justice and empathise with them. It could be one of your own family, you could be the one burying you son or daughter tomorrow, crying on his grave for the exact same crime.   


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