Essays on Debt

Debt: General Characteristics

Debt is the amount of money which is owed by one party to another. There are different kind of debts. Debt can be in either way good or bad. Sometimes it gets complicated and sometimes it changes people’s life with the correct use of money. Since population is increasing day by day more people are...
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Debt Solutions

Debt Solutions Debbie was a single mom who owed over 30,000Euros. This would have been hard enough, but she was earning just $40,000 a year when she started her debt pay off. With her income not just adding up, she knew she needed a good debt solution to tackle her debts. There are many ways...
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Debt Management

It might be that student loan you took years ago, or that mortgage that your servicing, or even that balance on your credit card.A recent study, conducted by the BBC Financial Report, indicated that one in every 4 Brits is under some form of credit. The number is staggering for those in serious debt situations....
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