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In 1933, FDR gave his first inaugural address stating that he will get America back on its two feet from the great depression. Within his presidency the congress passed The New Deal due to crisis and fear, the deal consisted of the 1st new deal and the 2nd new deal. This was a series of programs to fight the great depression to help people fix the economy and prevent future depression. These three aspects are known as the three R’s relief, recovery, and reform. The first new deal helped restructure economy the second improved nation resources. The New Deals changed peoples thinking and challenged the ones who saw the Deals as a socialism movement and a waste of money. Today we aren’t facing the Great Depression but we are facing Climate Change.

Climate Change as defined in the dictionary as a change in climate patterns from the mid 20th century outwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced mainly by the use of fossil fuels. We have been worn as early as 1977 when James Black gave a presentation of the burning of fossil fuels can increase the global temperature by 4 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Later on, Exxon conducted their study by having a state of the art lab measure the CO2 in the ocean. Exxon knew of the severity of Fossil Fuels and instead of changing business models and reasoning with an ethical approach they invested in proving their research wrong to reduce worry. Since the discovery of Fossil fuel, the temperatures are rising dramatically and if we do not change this we will suffer from deadly heat stress and trillions of dollars lost as well as lives.

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The top scientist in 2018 told us we have 12 years to cut our use of fossil fuels in half. A group of activists started to write the green new deal, with the help of Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey they wrote the proposal The Green New Deal. The proposal consists of 14 pages and has three sections. The introduction states the importance of why we must take action as a nation to reduce fossil fuels entirely. The first section talks about what America needs to do. We must stop using fossil fuels and rethink how we live meaning change=in vehicles and having energy efficiency. We have insured change like the New Deal during the Great Depression, especially under pressure. With this being done it may lead to some losing their jobs, homes and health care. This is where the second section of the Green New Deal takes place by protecting the people and giving them a set of promises. This proposal is beginning to change too many republicans it seems like a hopeless plan but to many activists and citizens, in general, it is a step to hope. Climate change is serious, just like our future. A proposal is just the first step we have taken we need more passionate politicians to walk alongside The Green New Deal.

Currently, The Green New Deal is a proposal the legislative branch has no laws to ensure a proper working economy or to cut down on fossil fuels. We need change we have done it before and today we can do it better with the technology we have today. During the Great Depression Congress found motivation in Crisis is 12 years of warning, not enough time to be considered a crisis. Many politicians are in fear of the consequences that come with change but in reality, the consequences are far worse once those 12 years passed and nothing was done.


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