Diets For High Blood pressure And Hypertension

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Diets for High Blood Pressure

The underlying principle of healthy cardiac activities is diets for high blood pressure. For the sake of those who may struggle to make a head or tail of blood pressure (BP), let’s explain the concept of BP. In simple terms, BP is just the pressure associated with blood flow.

The ideal BP should be about 120/80; Higher and consistent BP readings (e.g 140/90) signals bad health news; That’s what we call hypertension. Hypertensive conditions put their victims at a higher probability of developing complicated heart problems; namely stroke & heart attack. These disorders arise because high BP burdens the heart with too much workload of pumping blood faster. Chilling medical truths confirm that there are diets for high blood pressure.

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If you want to slash down your BP in a healthy manner, then dive straight into diet for high blood pressure. It has been scientically proven that , alcoholism is an enemy of safe BP. Again, as you may already know, excessive salt consumption is one common cause of BP anomalies. Even though there are many medications (drugs) for combatting high BP, it may be more convenient and healthier of you if you adjust your diet to naturally dip hypertensive values. Why bother yourself to buy expensive drugs when you can use food to cure yourself? Virtually all pharmacists believe that drugs (chemicals) are all poisons. It’s only the dosage levelss that dictate the actions of the drugs within the body.

Diets to Cure Hypertension

Yes, you may be frightened by an astronomical BP result of say 145/95. But if you are brave and responsible, you don’t need to shiver much about it. Glance through our healthy diet for high blood pressure. The lists contains recommended foods (with low sodium) that are sure to gradually normalize your BP within a reasonable time frame.


This is a collective name for the harvested seeds of grass food crops. Examples include wheat, rice, barley, corn etc. Naturally, grains have low fat levels. NB: Fat is dangerous for good BP – it constricts the diameter of blood vessels, thereby increasing the pressure.

By consuming fibre-rich whole grains, you also gain nutrients. The recommended servings for grains is 6-8 in a day. Each serving could compromise a half cup of boiled cereals such as rice.


For good BP readings, eat more vegetables. This would help to ensure that your daily sodium intake doesn’t exceed 1500 mg – that’s the right amount recommendeby the American Heart Association. Tomato, sweet potato, carrot and more vegetables should be eaten as they contain adequate fibre and vitamins. The presence of minerals, namely potassium & magnesium help to control excess salts. The daily servings target is 4-5. One serving could contain a half cup of vegetables (either cooked or raw, but with very low salt).


Due to their fiber content and minerals, fruits must be included in the diet for high blood pressure. With the exception of coconut, you could daily eat 4-5 servings of apples, pears, banana, broccoli, pawpaw. If you have taste for citrus fruits (grape), you may to seek medical advice from a professional, since they can infere with certain medications.

Low Fat Dairy Products

To get calcium, protein & vitamins, serve milk and other milk products such as yogurt and cheese.

Poultry, eggs, fish, and lean meat should also be served daily. To reduce fat, peel of the fats or skin of and then bake or grill them. Don’t fry them.

Nuts and legumes contain high calories, so eat only a small amounts of them.


High BP could be brought down by following the best diet for high blood pressure. When you are taking this diet, you have to limit consumption of salt, caffeine and alcohol – they are barriers to healthy heart and BP.

A lot of factors go into play when it comes to BP. Aside food, your weight, age, or physical activity can share a blame for your dangerous BP numbers. If you combine the diet with physical exercises, then you are on the right path to correcting hypertension.        


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