Essays on Documentary

Study Of Themes Of Pride And Humanity In Autobiography By Benjamin Franklin’

Benjamin Franklin was math, inventor, scientist, printer, politician, and diplomat. Franklin was the one who helped U.S. in drafting independence declaration and the constitution of U.S. Franklin also negotiated the 1783 Paris Treaty. Further he was the one ending the war. Throughout the text Franklin has well adjusted these two features with varying grades of...
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Discuss The Ethics Of ‘Reality’ In The Documentary Form

Documentaries is a term that we use to describe a non-fiction film that is supposed to document and capture reality. Ethics is the term we give to the system of moral principles, ethics is supposed to affect how we are supposed to live our lives and what kind of decisions we should be making. The...
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Historical Novel: The Red Badge Of Courage

The main character in the book “The Red Badge of Courage” was a boy named Henry Fleming. Henry was very young and naive. He decided to leave home and join the American Civil War. He joined the Union. When he joined, he met someone named Jim. Jim was very dedicated to the war, and he...
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Book Report: Stegomyia, The Story Of My Life

Stegomyia, The Story of My Life, by William K. Adeniyi, follows the author’s life journey, revealing the numerous obstacles he overcame to achieve his dreams. It contains his childhood memories, telling about his family of origin and how life became bearable for him after his father’s demise, then worse after he lost his mother. Adeniyi...

The Effect Of Documentary On Our Fast-paced Society

Thinking of the world, our society has changed and advanced dramatically over the past few hundreds of years. But how have we managed to change so much? Without documentary, our world would not be recognizable. From the smallest insignificant photos to the largest complex societies, things in our everyday lives document the truth without even...
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