Essays on Dream Career

My Dream Job: My Ideas

A dream job, who doesn’t wishes to have one? For me your dream job gives an idea of a job that is solely given to us with providing satisfaction and having your complete involvement within. Of course if you are engaged with your dream job there would be no chunk of possibility or may be...
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My Dream Job: Louis Vuitton

I think everyone dreams of working for a successful company at some point in their life. I chose Louis Vuitton as my dream job because I feel like they’ve created a name for themselves and have been very eminent in doing so. The company’s origins and ideas have led them to where they are now,...
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My Dream Career: Considerations

Carol Welch-Baril, a neuromuscular therapist, once said, “movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states” (Baril). Growing up, I was deeply affected when my friends or siblings were not able to participate in everyday activities due to injuries. If it were not for my experience with physical therapy...
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