Essays on Dress Code

Marseilles Elementary Should Ban The Dress Code

Do you like wearing clothing that represents your style? Do you like feeling comfortable in what you wear? If you said yes to either one of these, this is for you. The dress code is known for shaming students, mainly girls, into covering their bodies. Marseilles Elementary should ban the dress code. We as young...
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High School Dress Codes: Discriminating Against Girls

In recent times, there has been an uproar on social media and other platforms regarding the issue of discrimination against girls when it comes to the system of dress codes in high schools. Despite it always being that way, it was only about two or three years ago that people began to voice their opinions...
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Dress Codes Should Not Be Implemented In Schools

Imagine sitting in class when your teacher walks in and sees you wearing ripped jeans. Your teacher begins to yell at you about how you need to go to the principal’s office because you have broken the dress code. The principal demands that you change your jeans by either calling your parents or picking a...
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The Idea Of Power Dressing And Its Relevance In Today's Society

By recognising how apparel has enabled individuals to establish confidence, the essay investigates the symbolism of dominance and power that men and women’s power dressing has acquired throughout the years. I argue how this approach to dressing continues to be practiced as an effective form of differentiation. Introduction Power Dressing is known as a style...
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The Influence Of Fashion On Human Behaviour

This article will focus on how fashion will influence human behavior. The first argument is one dress code affects how they feel about themselves, and discuss how it effects how does fashion influence self-perception and behavior. The second argument is one’s dressing can highly determine other people’s impression. In this part will mainly focus on...
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School Dress Codes: Pros And Contras

Girls all around the world are targeted for the way they dress, especially in school. Dress codes are put into place to create a ‘serious’ environment, but at what point do they take things too far? In 2015, Evette Reay attended her last day of high school wearing a knee length dress only to be...
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