Drinking And Driving: Possible Impact

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People who drink and drive have accidents and destroy lives, families, and themselves.

Those who choose to operate a vehicle while drunk can have harsh penalties. These drunk drivers are willing to not only risk their lives but risk the lives of everyone on the roads. Drunk driving is one of the top reasons people die today. There are over 1 million drinking and driving accidents each year in America. There are many commercials for texting while driving but drinking and driving is still the leader of all accidents.

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Driving a vehicle demands proper attention, decision-making skills, complete concentration, and good coordination strong reactions to situations. Accidents and death caused by drunk driving are preventable. It is not a disease or virus, it is a choice. Those who choose to drink and drive do not care about themselves or anyone else on the roads. They are a problem to every man, woman and child. The more awareness about drinking and driving, the more cautious people are of their alcohol intake. Having harsh laws and even harsher punishments could help bring greater attention to this dreadful situation. Having more random checkpoints or cars that do not start if alcohol is present could help. The laws may vary among the states therefore each state has their own punishment. With an abundance of vehicles on the road, the accident and death rates are still climbing.

There are millions of families affected by someone’s decision to drive and be intoxicated. Finding out that a family member was injured from a drunk driver must be horrifying. This leads to depression and anger to otherwise normal people. Also pets are affected. Pets are always waiting patiently for their owners to come home. They do not understand why someone would choose to hurt their owner leaving them abandoned.

Alcohol causes many side effects on bodies. Lowered motor skills, difficulty walking, slurred speech, impaired thoughts, blurred vision, sleepiness, impaired judgement, depression and death. Getting into a car and operating it, is a poor decision. Alcohol doesn’t care what colour you are, what sex you are or how much you make a year. It affects each and every person when you drink in abundance and decide to drive on our roads.

Drunk driving is a serious crime we cannot ignore. Impaired driving, or driving drunk, is considered unacceptable and dangerous. Those who break the law should be punished accordingly.  


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