Dropping Out Of High School To Take A Job Before Graduation

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In the society, many students that are in high school, have met many obstacles in their study. Some of them have family that have stable incomes while others do not. Some students whose family’s living condition is poor; they have to leave school to make money. The problem is students have to drop out of high school to take a job instead of studying. Students should not leave their studies and go to work before graduation for three reasons.

First of all, dropping out of school would have negative impacts on their future jobs. They would have difficulties in finding jobs that have stable and high wages because jobs with high salaries would require many qualifications. If they do not have their grade 12’s certificate at least, there will not be many jobs for them; only jobs as workers at the construction sites which require a lot of labors and with little wages. Dropping out of school would affect their jobs in the future badly.

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Second, dropping out of high school influence their future living conditions. If they do not have stable jobs, they would face many problems when they have their own family. The society would not welcome them much because of their jobs and status. They might have problems with their family and neighbors because of their low education; they tend to use violence to solve problems. As a result, the family and people around them would not be happy nor happiness, but only domestic violence. Moreover, they would have to live in a poor condition’s house. They have to stay in a rental house with bad and dangerous environment.

Finally, financial problems would occur after they start forming a family. If they do not have high incomes, they would face many issues. They have to support their children and wife and work with little salaries and feed many members in the family. They have to afford food to eat day by day; they might eat in the morning but could not eat in the evening. They might have to starve until the morning comes. Furthermore, they could not afford many things such as new clothes, furniture, and many things which need a lot of money to spend. Because of financial problems, they could not eat and afford many things.

Some low-educated families said that their children should go to work and help their family’s finances. The children who go to work to make money are good daughters and sons. This point has merit on the surface. However, as stated previously, gaining knowledge in high school is very necessary and needed in the future which could not be left out in their whole lives never ever. Society would need a lot of people with knowledge to help them to develop the countries, not the uneducated people to develop; they would only bring disasters to the country if they helped with the government’s works. 


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