Drug Addiction: An Acute Problem

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Drug addictions/abuse

Between 1999 and 2019, the number of deaths due to drugs quadrupled. In the passage drug abuse states “drug abuse has been around for many generations and is an ever-increasing problem of the modern world”.(drug Abuse) people who consistently use drugs find that many areas of their life begin declining. As a result, people turn to drugs because the product produces an intense feeling that everything is wonderful. The sense of euphoria in some drugs makes people believe that life is better. Drugs causing people to take them and use them. Drug addiction and abuse is endangering people’s lives. The government needs to establish stricter laws to cause less fatalities in the United States due to drugs.

Most people who take a drug get easily addicted, especially medical drugs. “Many drugs can be addicting meaning that users can become physically and mentally reliant upon them”. Doctors need to look deeper into why people are becoming physically and mentally reliant upon drugs. “During the 1980s, researchers have realized the consequences of drug abuse, therefore created a prevention/ treatment program for heroin, marijuana, and nicotine”.(Nora D. Volkow, pg1). People are realizing the mistakes that drugs prevent, and are wanting to make a change in the drug addiction life. “During 1981, a congressional mandate shifted NIDA’s primary mission to enlarge the borders of scientific knowledge about drug abuse and ensuring that most of the knowledge was a disease”.(Nora D. Volkow, pg 1). Drug addiction is a disease In some cases that people can’t get out of . Researchers have studied and found major programs to adverse the increment amount of young users of drugs. Most people who take a drug or try it end up getting addicted ,or abuse them. Doctors have realized the addictions and problems since the 1970s, but need to go a lot deeper and study into programs to deflect the addictive users.

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Most experts have been studied and figured out treatments for drug addicts to help them overcome the addiction. “Drug abuse treatment is one of the most effective known means of helping such individuals avoid repeating the patterns that brought them into the criminal justice system. Research has shown that even prisoners who enter treatment primarily to avoid longer or more stringent sanctions have reduced post-release rates of drug abuse and arrest”. (Nora D. Volkow). Specialists need to mandatory patients with drug addiction into treatments/ programs to decrease the amount of drug addicts. “600,000 people have been taken out from jails and prisons every year and outpatient addiction treatment, the only thing about 30 percent attend regularly for the recommended minimum of 3 months, usually people don’t go to treatments”.(Nora D. Volkow, pg 1 & 2). Drug addicts don’t usually take the time to go to treatments to find help, most just sit around and throw their life away. “People have re entered the community after incarceration require help with housing, employment, finances, family relationships, and health issues. CJ-DATS will determine how different justice systems around the country coordinate supervised re entry with community health and social services, information that will enhance treatment and ultimately improve outcomes”.(Nora D. Volkow, pg 2). Professional athletes all around the world have been kicked out of playing their sport due to drug use, for example steroids. Athletes, people, human beings have been addicted to drugs, due to doctors prescribing.

Doctors prescribing patients should be patrolled by a limit. If patients are going by too fast with the drugs there’s gotta be a stop. “Prescription drug abuse, also known as prescription substance abuse or controlled substance abuse, refers to a wide range of drug use behaviors”.(world of health, pg1). Doctors shouldn’t give patients medical drugs if they are misused. “Users abuse prescription drugs given from doctors for an open range of reasons, to feel relaxed or have a high feeling, also young users to try and concentrate or study better”.(world of health, pg2). Drugs give an intense relaxed feeling that creates an addiction to most users, and cause them to either abuse the drugs and take illegal drugs, putting them in a deeper hole. “Drugs are defined as products that damage the brain and body, many words fit this definition, however including legal and widely available drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine”.(drugs, gale, pg1). Drugs damage the brain putting people into a mental state, and the more relaxed high feeling gets them away from that. Drugs are a common type of drug most people use.

Depressants slow down activity in the central nervous system. Common effects of depressant drugs include reduced heart rate, slowed breathing, sedation, drowsiness, and reduced coordination. When taken in large quantities, depressants can cause acute intoxication. Examples of depressants include alcohol, barbiturates , and benzodiazepines. Depressants with medicinal properties can be used to treat a range of diseases and disorders, such as insomnia, depression , anxiety, and seizures. Narcotic drugs are powerful painkillers. They typically have additional effects such as euphoria and drowsiness. Opiates are the most common class of narcotic drugs . They include substances like heroin, morphine , and codeine . Synthetic opiates, including oxycodone and hydrocodone, are frequently prescribed for pain management . They have become one of the most commonly abused types of drugs . Many drugs have abuse potential and/or addictive properties, often posing significant health risks. According to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, the abusive or addictive ingestion of drugs results in more than $700 billion in annual losses related to health care, crime, and reduced economic productivity. Drug addiction is also a serious social issue. It has destructive effects on families, relationships, employment, and the legal system. From the passage (out of control byNycole Prowse) states “During 1999 and 2019, the number of deaths due to opioids increase significantly. Opioid overdoses have increased significantly between the past two years. 1.7 million people had substance use disorders caused by opioid misuse and 4 to 6 percent of them transitioned to using heroin. Experts estimate that 80 percent of those who use heroin started with prescription opioids. People who usually take drugs or get prescripted end up getting addicted to opioids. Most drugs need to be illegal to avoid most addictions. In the passage “opioid epidemic” states, “Opioids work by attaching to specific opioid-sensitive proteins on nerve cells. Once attached, the opioids prevent the nerves from receiving pain signals from nerves in other parts of the body”. Drugs give away the pain feeling in your nerves.

Drugs create an intense feeling in the body that makes a person feel good. In the world during 2017 47,000 people have been killed from drug overdoses. Drug addictions usually are caused at young ages doing drugs. Most people are usually put in having bad parents who are drug addicts and just carry them down. From the passage drug addiction, pain control states, “100 people die everyday of drug addiction how both drug addiction and chronic pain can be cured. In most cases the pain can signal out to your nerves and create what’s called pain. absorbed on the opiate receptor sites in the brain”. The government needs to have stricter laws on doctors prescribing patients. Drugs are definitely not the answer, treatments and programs are. Doctors need to look a lot closer into the reasons on better ways to stop addiction. In the passage (drug addiction, pain control) states, Many clinics, large and small, offer therapy for drug addiction .Methadone therapy is a therapy most people use. The opiate receptors are usually not purged free of narcotic. Teaching the body to neglect severe scurvy and the opiate craving by consultation is difficult when the mind is weakened by both scurvy and the narcotics”. Opioids are created a bigger problem in addiction. Laws need to be stricter for most drugs.

Human beings all around the world have been struggling with being drug addicts, or abusers affecting others around them. Drug abuse has been around for a long time, but ever since 1999 the rates of drug abusers quadrupled. Researchers/ doctors have researched programs to treat people that have an addiction to decrease it. Drug abusers from the streets sell or use illegal drugs. PD/ doctors should provide stricter laws for people to not get a type of drug. Drug addiction and abuse is one of the biggest problems in society.

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