Drunk Driving And Taxes In The USA

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Drunk driving is a widespread issue that alters the lives of many individuals. “ One study estimates that eliminating alcohol would reduce traffic fatalities by 47 per cent… equivalent to a reduction of between 20,000 and 24,000 fatalities annually”(Deep Blue). Situations compelling to drunk driving transforms the lives of many faultless members of society. Tax money the population gives towards the damages done by drunk drivers can go to something more productive for society. This briefly indicates citizens other than the drinker may be affected, having an impact on society, in terms of the resources necessary for criminal justice, social industries, and healthcare. Drunk driving is an issue in society because it strains taxes and has a negative impact on consumption of goods in a workplace.

Taxes in the United States strained by alcohol consumption plays a negative role in society because the government takes advantage of innocent members and unfortunately affects all who do not drink and drive. This nation creates a large financial levy. Financial costs encompass health care expenses for treating all issues caused by drunk driving, criminal justice, and law enforcement. Taxpayers do not acknowledge how much of their tax money actually goes to help local jails and prisons. These innocent citizens end up paying roughly 135 billion dollars annually. It is clear that the suspect pays a set amount, but they’re not the one who pays the consequences, society also bears the result of the accident. All of these uninvolved citizens pay ¾ of all costs needed. Vera explains “Jails now hold some 730,000 people in custody on any given day”. Drunk driving takes a toll on all American taxpayers because both jails and prisons rely on taxes and fundings from multiple counties. Business Insider explains that taxes vary for every individual, for example, the more income one has, the more tax rate will rise. Roughly 9 per cent of the national jail population to determine how much taxpayers are spending to jail citizens. American taxpayers are paying more than they realize to support their local jails because many jail costs are paid for out of the county and municipal general funds, not correctional budgets. Unfortunately, this has a large effect on all American taxpayers because our society is economically influenced by this uproar.

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The damage caused by drunk driving also has a negative impact on society by decreasing the consumption of goods in a workplace. Despite the fact that drunk driving kills approximately 10,000 lives per year, the actions of drunk drivers have a widespread economic impact in the form of decreased workplace productivity, workplace accidents, and employee absence. Furthermore, drinking habits create a decline in the production of goods, services, and loss of workers due to alcohol abuse. Fewer accidents in the community could affect the value of all finished goods and services tremendously. Reducing the drunk driving count could also double economic gains. Those gains could include wages, tax revenues, and profits. Important steps to meet this could include raising the cost of alcohol and reducing holiday sales. Alcoholism is affecting the economy because it destroys people’s health along with everyday living. It slowly damages nearly every part of an alcoholic’s existence. Promoting a safe economy would beneficially affect society.

Due to taxes straining society and having a negative impact on the consumption of goods in a workplace, it proves that economic and social effects have a high demand on the individual as well as direct environment and society. Members other than the drinker are prone to this problem. All tax money paid to an individual contributes to the funding of criminal justice, healthcare, and other social institutions. The societal issue of alcoholism influences the future, even people not directly changed by this predicament. Alcoholism is an addiction that hurts the safety of others as well as the safety of the direct individual. Resolving this issue would make society increasingly secure while ensuring money is going in the right direction.

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