Essays on Early Childhood Education

Issues In Early Education In Scotland

Early years education in Scotland is always looking for areas in which to improve, and the Scottish Government provides drivers in which schools should focus to ensure this improvement. This essay will consider drivers from the 2019 National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan (Scottish Government, 2018 b). Improvement areas discussed will be parental involvement, improvement...
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Intercultural Pedagogy In Early Childhood Education

For this essay I will be analysing the theoretical concepts of critical multiculturalism and intercultural pedagogy, analysing how these are reflected in Te Whāriki and critically examining ways I can foster culturally inclusive and responsive early childhood education for children and whānau/families within my centre community. The number of children that are living in Aotearoa New...
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Early Childhood Education And Crime: A Review (2019)

Abstract: This article presents new evidence on the crime-reducing impacts of a high-quality, intensive early childhood program with long-term follow-up, evaluated by a randomized controlled trial. Proportionately, more women than men decrease their criminal activity after participating in the program. This gender difference arises because of the worse home environments for girls, with corresponding greater...
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A Review On 'courageous Leadership In Early Childhood Education: Taking A Stand For Social Justice

Introduction “Courageous Leadership in Early Childhood Education: Taking a STAND for SOCIAL JUSTICE” is a collection of action-based narratives of early childhood leaders who took a courageous stance to advocate and act against the inequities and challenges within their educational setups. The inspiring stories are shared through the thoughtful and insightful writing of authors who...
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Early Childhood Education Schools In Pakistan

Early childhood education: A critique and comparison of ECE models worldwide and a proposed model for government schools in Pakistan We have come to a time where the importance of education and the revitalization of its pedagogy has never been more imminent. It has been long since the dark ages, but unfortunately there hasn’t been...
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Approaches To Early Child Education In Europe

Currently, in Europe, there are two approaches to ensuring universal access to (Early Childhood Education & Care) ECEC. Some countries provide a legal entitlement to an ECEC place, while others make ECEC attendance compulsory. Each approach requires public authorities to commit to guaranteeing a place in ECEC. However, there are some fundamental differences. A legal...
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Culturally Responsive Early Childhood Education

Part 1 In this discussion I have explained about myself, my hobbies and the strategies I have used for learning te reo Māori. I have also brought out an understanding about karakia and its importance in the Māori world. I believe my discussion has provided a few ideas on how to learn the Māori language...
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Effects Of Early Childhood Education On Children Of Nigerian Migrant Parents In The United Kingdom

Abstract This research proposes to examine the effects of early childhood education on children of Nigerian migrant parents in the United Kingdom. The key focus is to identify and investigate the impact of early childhood education on these children’s cognitive, physical, emotional, socio-cultural and mental development. Emphasis will be placed on associated effects of migration...
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