Essays on East of Eden

Good And Evil In The Novel East Of Eden

Good and evil remain to be incredibly difficult terms to define. The existence of both, however, often justifies or defends the human condition and its history. John Steinbeck, in his novel East of Eden, explores the everlasting concern of man’s battle against sin. He manifests the idea that one co-exists within the other and compares...
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Corrupt Cathy: Evilness In East Of Eden

In East of Eden, John Steinbeck explores how the personality trait of evilness affects an individual. He shows this through Cathy Ames’ resulting lack of humanity and lack maternal instinct. Initially, Cathy’s malice leads to her lack of motherly care, preventing her to love her children. Those close to Cathy often portray and perceive her...
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The Struggle In East Of Eden

For in this story of a family’s two generations and its eventual success in overcoming the forces of an inherited evil. Steinbeck the author presents the dramatic theme of the struggle between good and evil in the history of the human race and it being tempered by the idea of freedom of choice that everyone...
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