Effect Of Environmental Factor On Library Documents

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Library is an important place for every one from child to old age people. In library we have different types of books available, like journals, periodicals and books. So some times environment effect to the library documents so we should protect from that.

Key words

Relative humidity, temperature, pests, light, heat, dust Pollutions.

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Library is a place, where the information is collected, processed, and stored and made them available (disseminate) to the users for an effective use.

Library is a collection of sources of information and similar sources made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. It provides digital or physical access to material and may be a physical building room. So we should take care of the books from environmental factors.


Here different type of objects is there

  1. To know the value of books.
  2. Protect the books from environmental factors
  3. To study different types of preservation and conservation for environmental factors

Library documents

Library documents are different types like print, non print, analogue, digital, documents and non book materials like audio, video, micro documents different library documents have different types of environmental factors.

Cause of environmental factors


Temperature means the degree of heat present in a object it is vary from place to place. This is one of the environmental factors in library documents. Heat simply damage the papers


Maximum Temperature: 70 degrees F for Every Thing but different from different aspect 75 degrees F for videotapes, for cassettes 65 degrees F.

Using air conditions and always maintains the normal temperature.

Relative humidity

Relative humidity also one types of environmental factors for library books, relative humidity is moisture content of the atmospheric air. If relative humidity is high then books becomes good, if relative humidity is low books becomes sensitive.


Maximum relative humidity: 47% for this also control the over heat.


This is also one types of the environmental factor, light is an electro magnetic radiation with a wave length it can be detected by the human eye.

Mainly sunlight it is to effect to the books. When sunlight to roll to the books papers are changing the colour from white or black to yellow.


Close the windows properly and protects the books from sun rays.


This is also one types of the environmental factor.


Close the windows and close the doors properly.


This is also types of the environmental factors.


Different types of pollutions are there like, air pollution, water pollution….etc.

Now a Day in this world Every Thing is pollution because of vehicles and dust it is very effect to the library documents.


We can control the pollution using some techniques like plating and reducing motor vehicles.


  1. Library is a very good place for getting knowledge and different kind of information, so we should protect the library documents from environmental factors like temperature, light, heat, and relative humidity.
  2. Digital libraries and virtual libraries also very useful so Protection is an important for library documents.


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