Elder Abuse In USA

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The Need for Change

Despite the widespread global recognition that elder abuse around the world is a serious problem, knowledge about elder abuse is about two decades behind the knowledge of child abuse and domestic violence (Yon, Gassoumis, & Wilber2017).

The costs of elder abuse are high for individuals and society alike. It also creates extra burdens on health care and legal costs and reduces the participation of the elderly in the life of society (Lachs, & Pillemer2015).

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The researchers believe that despite this strong prevalence of elder abuse affecting one in six adults worldwide, an average of 141 million people, elder abuse is a neglected global public health problem, compared to other types of violence (Yon, Gassoumis, & Wilber2017).

Challenges to Serving Victims of Elder Abuse in Usa

Although progress has been made in dealing with elder abuse, there are some obstacles to the development of programs and services to prevent abuse of older persons. The most important of which are lack of resources, administrative barriers or ideological or cultural differences between agencies or disciplines. Or lack of a coordinated federal response (Nerenberg, ,2006).

Meeting the Challenge to Serving Victims of Elder Abuse in Usa

In most US states, specialists have overcome many of the obstacles that hampered the assistance of older people, such as society’s response to financial abuse and domestic violence. There has also been good development in access to the courts, prosecution of abuse cases, and significant development of expertise in Forensic Medicine (Nerenberg, ,2006).


Social Support

It is very important to understand that social support is a preventative factor to better prevent elder abuse. Social support should be adapted as needed. For instance, some people may prefer family members or friends involved in an intervention, while others might prefer that the people they know are not involved (National Research Council,2014)

Despite the magnitude of elder abuse around the world, little is known about how to prevent it before it occurs or how to stop it once it starts (National Research Council,2014)

The problem of elder abuse is largely hidden. The number of countries experiencing rapid population aging is expected to increase. Elderly mistreatment can lead to many risks at home, in the hospital, or in care centers. Therefore, promising strategies for prevention have been developed, Awareness campaigns and professional support are specially designed to assist health care workers to identify elder abuse (WHO,2017).

Since the first appearance of the concept of elder abuse for the first time until now

Action Power has acquired the laws and policies necessary to prevent such abuse however

Despite this progress, there is no clear understanding of many professionals for vulnerable or elderly people. Maligners’ response to elder abuse is still weak and inadequate (Nerenberg, ,2006).

Prevention: Several measures have been implemented to mitigate the consequences of elder abuse, particularly in high-income countries. Interventions implemented through multi-sector contribution and multidisciplinary cooperation include:

Social welfare sector (legal, financial and residential support). Education sector (education and public awareness campaigns). Health sector (detection and treatment of victims by primary health care workers) (WHO,2017).

My own point of view is about preventing elder abuse

In my view, after of good effort that I have made in reading many studies and research about elder abuse. I can say that I benefited greatly from everything I read about the subject and certainly will not reinvent the wheel, but I felt that there is something incomplete I like to shed light on it in good way.

I will my discussion from idea that came in the workshop summary of the National Research Council for year of 2014.When we understand what processes and circumstances can create from the vulnerabilities of older people, we can first identify the appropriate strategies that will lead us to act purposefully and decisively to protect and promote the health of older people, and to prevent further abuse, neglect or exploitation in the future (National Research Council,2014).

What makes an older adult vulnerable to abuse?

In general, there are many interrelated psychological, social and economic factors, along with factors of social isolation and psychological disability, which make the elderly vulnerable and thus vulnerable to exposure to the risk of elder abuse.

Through all of the above I can say that the main reason for the exposure of older people to abuse is their weakness towards the abuser for several reasons but the most important reason of elderly weakness in my view is social isolation.

There is a consensus on the importance of the social isolation factor in increasing the risk of exposure of older people to abuse, but in my opinion that this factor is the most important factors, but the main factor, because As older people are socially isolated, the risk is greater and abuse is greater and the absence of familiar social networks puts them at higher risk. the person isolated (whether for his own reasons for psychological reasons or against his will for health or material reasons) is a weak man always and need help always.

The key and the magic solution to solve the problem of weakness resulting from isolation is to solve the problem of isolation, by breaking the wall of barrier that isolates this person and weaken him, if we want to protect him. But if we want to prevent from social isolation, we must prevent the formation of the wall of social isolation.

This is done through a series of procedures that are based on a basic rule that eliminates the age classification and treats this person as a person regardless of age. He or she may have special needs now that must be secured now, or future special needs must be planned for it in the future.


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