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The Ups And Downs Of Gender Roles In North And South

Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel North and South is a tale of contradictions. Looking at the title, it presents the obvious, the distinctions between the northern rural industrial towns and the southern high-class cities. If we take a closer look, the novel also proposes the expectations and challenges of the different genders. Most women in the high...
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Mozi And Han Feizi Rivalry And Similarities

Who is Mozi and Han Feizi Mozi and Han Feizi were both Chinese philosophers during the Hundred Schools Thought period. Mozi’s teachings emphasized inner reflection and that by reflecting on their individual wins and failures, they may understand their true inner self. He attempted to replace the strict cultural values of family attachment with those...
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Idea Of Spiritual Salvation In Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe

In Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, the idea to attain spiritual salvation is contained within the individual. The author put interest in character and he’s thinking, his belief in the possibility of human beings to submit to salvation through divine grace and to nature. Adapting to difficult situations and defeating hardships improves the idea that work...
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The Rise Of Heraldry 1100 To 1300

Heraldry is defined as “the systematic use of hereditary devices centered upon the shield.” Although relatively unknown and unpopular by the start of the twelfth century, by 1300 heraldry became an essential element of chivalric culture across Europe. By following the rise of heraldry from its proto-heraldic roots in the twelfth century, it is evident...
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My Opinion About The Novel Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is a young Englishman from York. His father wants him to study for counsel and live a quiet life, but the young man wishes to pursue an existence of adventures. After a couple of failed attempts to enlist in the crew of a ship, he finally manages to embark to Guinea on one’s...
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Criticism Of English Society: Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens was a Victorian-era writer best known for his novels that criticized English society. Oliver Twist is a classic that puts the audience in an orphan’s shoes as he tries to survive in a society that is more focused on self-advancement and the people in power picking profit over people. This novel aimed to...
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Prospectus: Aphra Behn And The Purpose Of Oroonoko

In my final essay, I plan to examine Behn’s novel Oroonoko; or, The Royal Slave and pose the question “What message was Behn trying to convey in writing Oroonoko’s story?” Readers of Behn’s prose narrative Oroonoko may come to the conclusion that it was only written as a way of showcasing racial inequality and the...
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Main Themes In Oroonoko

“If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong,” said Abraham Lincoln (“Abraham Lincoln: Letter to Albert G. Hodges”, 1864). By way of explanation, there is nothing as bad as being involved in slavery activities and this is true in all circumstances. Within the term “Slavery”, this brings about the sense of being tortured in which...
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Social Inference In The Novel North And South By Elizabeth Gaskell

The novel North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell represents social inference and complications of citizens of England, the town which is called Milton (originally Manchester). The author used the model of Margaret Hale as women’s role and female treatment in that period of time. In the role of main character’s mothers, Gaskell exemplified two different...
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