Essays on Ethnic Identity

Ethnic Federalism

The analysis part will be divided into two main sections. The first part will focus on Institutionalization of ethnic federalism in Ethiopia by first assessing the factors that led to its institutionalization, how its adaptation proliferated in terms of the ethno-nationalist Vs Nationalism nexus, power decentralization and its urban manifestation (focused on Addis Ababa). The...
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Re-connection With Ethnic Identity In Unearth

Alicia Elliott’s short story „Unearth“ tells the story of a woman re-connecting with her early childhood. A very dominant theme in the short story is the theme of Ethnic Identity. The protagonist, Beth, is a native woman, who was raised by Anglicans ever since she was eight years old. When her brother’s remains are found...
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Ethnic Boundaries

In recent years, the Chinese minority films, such as the Mongolian Urtin Duu and the Kazak film Flower; have crossed the geographical boundaries, and also the boundaries of the language, which has led to problems of self-identification. In the movie Flower, the female Aken named Flower, whose belief was to stay in the Kazak steppe,...
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