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Coca-cola is one of the largest if not the largest soda company in the world. Coca-cola is a very recognizable brand with their unique and iconic bottle and logo. For 132 years coca-cola has been satisfying consumers with tasty beverages. Coca-cola consists of brands like coke diet coke sprite Fanta and much more. Today Coca-cola owns over 500 brands have 3,500 products sold around the world with 700,000 employees worldwide. The company has great marketing schemes with their slogans, commercials toys and calendars. John Pemberton the founder of cola created the iconic drink everyone knows and loves today.

The inventor of coca-cola John Pemberton was born in Knoxville Georgia on January 8, 1831, and died on 1888. John Pemberton was a pharmacist and started his own drug store in Columbus Georgia in the 1850s. John Pemberton was a part of the civil war and during the war he became wounded by union soldiers. he used morphine to numb the pain from the wounds he had from the war. John became addicted to morphine and he started to look for a cure for his addiction. After the war Pemberton moved his business to Atlanta Georgia.

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He produced a drink called Pemberton’s French wine of cola he sold his drink as medicine for morphine addiction. The drink consists of red wine mixed with coca leaves kola nuts, and it contained small quantities of cocaine. During the late 1800s cocaine was legal and was used to stay awake and alert. cocaine is a harmful substance and today it is an illegal drug in the United States. In 1886 Atlanta prohibited certain types of alcohol so john stopped using alcohol in his drink. John altered the recipe by heating and stirring the recipe creating a syrup called tonic and mixed the tonic with carbonated water.

John Pembersons manager sold his drink to customers for 5 cents a glass. Johns’s business partner frank Robinson decided on a name for the drink and called it coca-cola. Frank wrote out the name coca-cola and it became the logo.in 1888 Pemberton sold his rights to coca-cola in 1888 to Asa Candler before he died. Asa Chandler wanted coca-cola to be more popular, so he gave out coupons for free drinks. Chandler did numerous advertising putting coca-cola on clocks, calendars posters and started to bottle coca-cola. Asa opened numerous syrup plants in Texas Illinois and California Coca-cola increased their sales significantly selling across America.


Everywhere you go you see the iconic coca-cola brand, on build boards television on the radio and much more. Coca-cola created a global tagline called “Taste the flavor”, using the “one brand” strategy. The one brand strategy brings four products Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, and Coca-Cola Life in the one main coca-cola branding instead of making the four products separate on its own. This global campaign started at the United Kingdom on March 2016. Coca-cola had a television anthem showing social situations and coke can be a part of that special moment. They also made a separate online campaign letting others share that special moment with the hashtag #taste the flavor.

Coca-cola is known for their great marketing, but it did have one major mistake. One advertisement back in 1985 outraged a lot of customers. Coca-cola introduced New Coke celebrating their 100th anniversary. New coke changed the recipe of the soda and people rioted, the fizzy new coke only lasted 79 days on the shelf. Coca-Cola returned to their original recipe. Coca-cola didn’t consider how much people have a connection with soda.

Some believed it was a marketing scheme, a brilliant one. Coca-cola denies these claims Don Keough said “Some cynics say we planned the whole thing. The truth is, we’re not that dumb, and we’re not that smart”. This year in 2019 the new coke returns celebrating the epic mistake by teaming up with the popular tv show on Netflix called stranger things. The coke was added in several episodes with numerous product placement. Coca-cola also brought back the new coke for a limited time. Coca colas epic mistake is something they look back and laugh at.


The Coca-Cola company created and acquired many products since its foundation. The Coca-Cola product line rang from coffee-based drinks, carbonated soda and vitamin drinks. Carbonates drinks such as Dasani Sparkling water and Dasani filtered tap water was a large part of Coca Cola global market in 2017. Over the past serval years society has starting to shift to more healthier beverage options. As a result Coca Cola sales declined on some of it’s products, causing them to revise there product line. In 2018 Coca Cola created natural yogurt a product geared towards healthier living. Also they crafted zero-sugar soft drinks under its Fanta brand.

In 2019 Coca Cola acquired Costa from white bread PLC. making Coca-Cola the owners of the world’s second-largest coffee chain next to Starbucks. Costa coffee chain has about 4,000 outlets across Britain, Europe and China. Coca’s coffee products diversify there product line giving consumers healthier options. Coca-Cola has also has it’s eyes on the energy drink market. Coca-Cola has introduced it’s first energy drink in Spain and Hungary called Coca-Cola Energy. The Coca-Cola Energy drink is made with naturally derived ingredients. There is also a no sugar and no calorie energy drink available. Coca-Cola continues to create new beverage products that people around the world enjoy.

Plastic contamination has been wreaking devastation on the environment, but the scale of the issue makes is too large. The Coca Cola Company, mindful that its packaging contributed to this issue, and has shaped associations to implement successful plans to gather and reuse and recycle in Southern and Eastern Africa. Coca-cola’s goal is to empower recycling and to turn our bottles into valuable resources, which can make more jobs and create a greener economy.

The Coca-Cola Company is planning to package their cans and bottles to be 100% recyclable by 2025, and by 2030, all the packaging will contain only half of the recycled materials inside it. The Coca-Cola Company works in countries which don’t have taxes in put with respect to plastic packaging; be that as it may, they have taken it upon their selves to gather and recycle a can or bottle for each one they sell by 2030 as portion of a vision called World Without waste.


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