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A. Physical (Biological) Processes

In Normative development processes of Joy and Kasy when it comes on Physical (Biological) Process is that both of them said that they are still doing light exercises before, during and after the pregnancy. Their blood pressure is also normal, no any signs of health related problems after the birth, yet both of them got cold and cough during the pregnancy because of the cold weather but they did not let themselves become sick because also of their parent’s support. Their Idiographic development process is Joy got too emotional when she first knew about her pregnancy and having an average way of living she is torn between aborting her child or not while Kasy got too emotional because her partner did not make it by her side whenever she needed him. Based on Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory, the act of assisting others in the provision and management of self-care to maintain or improve human functioning at home level of effectiveness. (Gonzalo, 2019)

It focuses on each individual’s ability to perform self-care, defined as “the practice of activities that individuals initiate and perform on their own behalf in maintaining life, health, and well-being.” Self-care is the performance or practice of activities that individuals initiate and perform on their own behalf to maintain life, health, and well-being. One of the assumptions of Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory is groups of human beings with structured relationships cluster tasks and allocate responsibilities for providing care to group members. (Gonzalo, 2019)

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B. Psychomotor Processes

The Normative development processes of Joy and Kasy both of them have regrets getting pregnant early and meeting their partners who did not stand in their side. Also they stated that they do not have any free time for themselves to do anything that interests them yet Joy still managed to do herself interests but only in a limited time. As teenage mothers, they still need the support of their family member, also most teenage mothers expressed increasing responsibility as one of the main challenges and described it as several responsibilities, lack of time and energy, and restriction on spending for self-interests. (Mangeli, 2017)

Their Idiographic development is, Joy can join her friends outside if they do not have classes in the afternoon, she works on weekends like washing clothes of her aunt and it is also become an exercise for her. While Kasy do not have time for her friends to meet them outside because she had to take care of her child and sometimes her friends will pay a visit to her, that will become their bonding time, she is dependent to her parents because she does not have any work and became a full time mother. In support to this interpretation, Mangeli (2017) that teenage mothers were dependent on others and expected their mothers, other family members, friends and school training teams to support them in their role as mothers. Many teenage mothers had a knowledge deficit and their information was not enough to take responsibility for maternal and child care. Teenage mothers showed limited skill in relation to motherhood including prenatal care, breast-feeding, caring for children. Although teenage mothers tended to be independent but they had to receive help from others to perform motherhood roles.

C. Cognitive Processes

The Normative development in cognitive process of Joy and Kasy shows that both of them wants to finished their schooling in order to achieve their goals like having a good state of living, to be able to help their parents and family, and they are both grateful for having a success of child delivery and whenever there are times that negative thoughts are conquering them, they will think just about what will be the future of their child and they will just ignore what will people say. The Idiographic development of the two is that Joy thinks about what will be the future of her child and their family situation when she first knew about her pregnancy while Kasy thought of being scared and afraid of what might be the possible action she will be deciding (aborting the child or taking care). Herrman and Nandakumar (2013) states multiple mental stress can affect the performance and health of the mother and her family adversely.

This indicates one of the Cognitive Development Theory of Piaget’s which is the Formal Operational Stage, involves an increase in logic, the ability to use deductive reasoning, and an understanding of abstract ideas. At this point, people become capable of seeing multiple potential solutions to problems and think more scientifically about the world around them. The ability to systematically plan for the future and reason about hypothetical situations are also critical abilities that emerge during this stage. (Cherry, 2019)

D. Socio-emotional Processes

The Normative development of the social processes of Joy and Kasy is that they are both gradually adjusting themselves for the responsibility as a mother for they have stated that taking care of the child is hard considering they are in a broken relationship or having no contact to their former partners. They are having sleepless nights, delayed eating of meals because they have prioritized their child needs and also the responsibility as a daughter and student. And their relationship with the parents are good and stable but Joy said that sometimes her parents are regretting of what her situation right now. The Idiographic development of the two is that Joy is making a living for her to afford the basic needs of her child and sometimes can socialize with her friends outside while Kasy is depending on her parents’ income and support giving by the mother of her former partner and does not have any time to spend leisure time for herself outside. Mangeli (2017) states that it was difficult for teenage mothers to meet the multiple needs of child, do housekeeping, going to school, and be present in community alongside friends. Some studies were showed that fatigue and inability have been reported frequently by adolescent mothers and they were not able to establish a good interaction with friends, continue their education and be employed.

Now, the researcher shows the normative development of the emotional processes of Joy and Kasy is that their parents are full support to them being a mother role to their child, and the thing or person that keeps them keep going is their family and little child, they do not mind what will people say as long as they have the support coming from the parents. And also both of them know that abortion is not right they keep and took care of the child they are bearing. The Idiographic development of Joy is that she conquered her shyness and fear to go outside of their home while Kasy tends to live at home of her former partner yet she sudden goes back to her parent’s custody because it gives her too much stress when she was at her former partner’s home. According to Mangeli (2017) emotional and mental distress was another problem faced by teenage mothers. They had experienced fear, worry, regret, frustration, guilt, shame, depression, and disruption in relationships of couples. And teenage mothers expected support from their husbands in all child-related responsibilities and this lack of support from spouses was a bitter experience for teenage mothers. Teen mothers were dependent on others and expected their mothers, other family members, friends and school training teams to support them in their role as mothers.

E. Moral and Spiritual Processes

The Normative development processes of Joy and Kasy is that they both want to give their child the better life and give them the care and love they deserved. And as a daughter to their parents, they will pursue to finish their schooling in order to help them, give them a well living. And they also stated that aborting a child is wrong and they never choose to abort their child. The Idiographic development of being a good role model is that Joy states she does not want her child to adore her wrong doings for she does not want to see her child suffering from the same mistake while Kasy said she just want to show and give the care and affection that her child deserves. In this case Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory, the formal operational stage begins at approximately age twelve and lasts into adulthood. As adolescents enter this stage, they gain the ability to think in an abstract manner by manipulate ideas in their head, without any dependence on concrete manipulation. Concrete operations are carried out on things whereas formal operations are carried out on ideas. The individual can think about hypothetical and abstract concepts they have yet to experience. Abstract thought is important for planning regarding the future. (McLeod, 2018) 


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