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Disruptive marketing strategy is a new generation marketing activity which gives a huge amount of response to the organizations of various industries with respect to the sales and customer attraction. These processes take birth within a department of an organization. It is an idea which is initiated so as to facilitate the target customers in a very innovative manner. The customers are already used to the traditional way of marketing done by the different firms. Thus disruptive marketing strategies give a different and a very innovative edge to the firm by which they can take their businesses to the new heights.

Keywords – Disruptive marketing strategy, Market orientation, Marketing organization, Sustainability

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I. Introduction

Disruptive marketing strategies is a process of doing marketing in a very innovative and challenging way so as to grab the attention of the customers about the offerings and facilities provided by the organizations of different sectors.

A disruptive marketing strategy gives the challenge to the firm to forget the old school rules of the marketing which they were following from the first day of the operation, and dump it in the trash. It gives the opportunity to the firms to take risks to bring out something very new to the market.

According to the current marketing trends, the established and well known organizations or brands are not willing to change the marketing activities of the firm because they think that their customers will lose the brand loyalty and will start to search something new or will move to the market competitions. Thus, disruptive marketing strategy will help them to maintain the prestige of the firm in the market and also provide a very innovative way of presenting themselves in the market and also keep their customers interested and always wish to get something new from their brands.

The right disruptive marketing activities can also help the established brands to repair the loopholes if present in the marketing activities and bring out the new factors applied in front of the market which is very beneficial for the brands for a longer period of time.

II. Elaborative Approach

Why are disruptive marketing campaigns are always different and special?

Disruptive marketing is when you bring out something very new innovative in the market which hasn’t been performed or initiated yet but has the ability to bring a revolution in the marketing tactics. There is a lot of risk also involved in this because you are going attempt something which is strange to the outside world.

It is always very risky to performing which is never being performed before because the people may or may not like the efforts made by the firm which in turn can cause a huge amount of loss to the business. But this disruption can also help the brand to transform itself and get even more popular in the industrial sector. Thus there is always a huge amount of risk involved in doing something innovative and big. For instance, we can learn that Apple was not the leading technology company in its field from the beginning.

Here are a few more examples of the companies who have initiated the disruptive marketing strategy to bring out the transformation in their brands.

1. Toyota

Previously, Toyota cars advertisements were concentrating on the looks and sophistication of their cars. It was very alluring for the customers when it got started but later on these advertisements gave no surprise to the people.

So, they applied disruptive marketing strategy to bring out the different aspect of the brand. For that they started talking about the sustainability features of their cars which went very popular among the people that the cars are very sustainable and eco friendly.

2. Nike

Nike is the biggest example of the disruptive marketing strategy because they brought the comfort and fitness factors of the people which can be done using their products like shoes and various other garments.

It worked very nicely in the market because people are very much concerned about their fitness and comfort.

3. HBO

Talking about the entertainment sector, HBO brought out the change by starting the online portal for the entertainment purpose. They came up with the idea of HBO-GO which is an online portal from where the people can get all the entertainment from anywhere and also from any type of digital device. So it is now very suitable for the people to get entertained in a way they want.

Important tricks to apply disruptive marketing strategies

Currently the people are more concerned about the surprise factors which are provided their brands. Therefore it is now very essential for the brands to find out that surprise factor of their products which will attract the people at a great extent because people are not the passive buyer anymore.

Thus, here are some of the tricks and tips to apply disruptive marketing strategy.

  1. There should be a proper research about the industrial sectors and the customers which are present in it. One has to find out all the factors which is needed by the customers.
  2. There should always be transparency and honesty in the marketing strategy which you are going to apply. It means all the new factors should be properly told and explained to the customers.
  3. There should be a considerable efforts made to do something new and different which is never seen by the people before. And by being different it also means that you should very meaningful about the change you are bringing out.
  4. You should always be confirming about the change you are bringing out in the market. Any questions asked by the people should be viably answered by you.
  5. Always believe in whatever new you are going to implement if that thing is going benefit you in some or the other way. This keeps you at a better position while doing something new or taking huge risks.

Always think of something new to implement and for that do try disruptive marketing strategy, it will help.

In this era of innovation of transformation you should always think of bringing out something new in the market and give a surprise factor to your customer about the product you are supplying.

Entrepreneurs are very passive about their tactics and activities of selling the product in the market if it has been successful to them in their business. They don’t usually think of doing something new because the older activities are still working. But it is not a right thinking they should carry with them. Now they should always think of doing something and transforming their products according the needs of the customers by doing a severe research.

Customers now always expect surprising factors from their respective brands to maintain that brand loyalty which they always had. Thus for that disruptive marketing strategy can help them in a huge extent fro bringing out the new features and keeping the interest of the customer.

III. Findings

  1. The concept of Uber and Ola was brought into the market in the year 2009 and 2010 respectively. They are the cab facility firms which are operating in multiple countries providing world class facilities to the people for travelling within city area at a very reasonable rates. In India, due to the successful operation of these cab facilities the automobiles manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, other manufacturers have faced a huge amount of loss because people of India are considering these cab facilities more beneficial and cheaper than purchasing of a new car.
  2. “Furlenco” is a brand new organization which specializes in providing “furniture on rent” to the people of India. This has brought a lot of comfort to the people who have shift their residence on a regular basis because now they don’t have to buy and carry the furniture all around, they can easily ask for any kind furniture and get it with Furlenco for as long as they need. Due to this many furniture manufacturers are facing loses in the recent times.
  3. Many organized retail stores are also facing a lot challenges due to the entrance of Flipkart and Amazon in the Indian market. Organized stores like Big Bazaar and D-Mart are also facing a huge amount of threat due to them.
  4. Online entertainment portal like “Netflix” is also one of the most successful example of disruptive marketing strategy. It provides entertainment contents on Smartphone and other digital devices and attracting a huge amount of subscribers throughout the world. They have very attractive entertainment packages for different time durations as per the requirements of the customers.

IV. Conclusion

Disruptive marketing strategy is going to bring a revolution in the marketing process of the organizations of different kinds sectors. By implementing something new all the time at a certain period of time, the interest and belief of the customers about their brands will be kept intact. Therefore, all the established as well as the growing firms should apply this disruptive marketing strategy to transform themselves and always be popular among the customers.

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