Followership And Servant Leadership

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The purpose of this essay is to explain why effective listening and servant leadership are important to me; and how I will implement what I learned from these two lessons when I return to my unit. In the Army, communication is a very important skill, and effective listening is the key characteristic of communication. Effective listening, according to Fulwiler, is a critical part of being a transformational leader, where you focus on not just the task, but also the person doing the work. It shows respect how a leader cares for his soldiers. Another lesson important to me is servant leadership. A Leader should serve his team first and then lead his team members. I think it will develop my leadership when I return to my unit.

Effective listening is one of the most important communication skills for leaders. For Noncommission Officers (NCOs) facing complicated situations in the world, it is difficult for leaders to make correct judgments, and formulate effective decision-making schemes alone. Therefore, it is important to learn effective listening to understand the opinions of Soldiers in communication. To develop effective listening, I will build two-way communications with my soldiers first. When I communicate with someone else, I will give people the opportunity to speak their ideas. This is because each person is an individual, and everyone has their own way of critical thinking. Effective listening is not just about listening to the meaning of the sentence. For example, when Soldiers are talking to me, I will stop everything I am doing and give my undivided attention to that person until that person finishes speaking. Simple actions like this can help listeners focus on the moment, and it captures the message that the other person wants to convey. It lets the other person know that the listener is effectively listening. Effective listening is truly an important characteristic of leadership. An NCO cannot be a great leader until they become a great communicator. Great communicators know how to build two-way communication. Thus, Leaders can understand what Soldiers say and think by connecting with people through straightforward conversations with effective listening. Besides effective listening, servant leadership is another important lesson to me.

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Servant leadership is another important lesson to me. A leader cannot lead people without followers. A servant leader always puts his team first, and himself second. When I return to my unit, I will check in with my soldiers often to see how they are, and I will help them develop the skills they need to advance their careers, even if this means that they may move on. I will let everyone on my team knows that I am there for them. I will also make an effort to see situations from others’ perspectives. I will make decisions with the team’s best interests in mind and ensures that everyone has the resources and knowledge they need to meet their goals.

Thus, listening and servant leadership are important courses I learned from Basic Leader Course (BLC). When I return to my unit, I will do my best I can. I will respect my soldiers listen to them what they truly needed. I will always put them first, and myself second.


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