Future Transport Strategy 2056: Performance Measures

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Performance measures

The Future Transport Strategy 2056 outlines different areas of measurements and tracking of their strategies along side their state-wide outcomes they have provided. The following table summarises those performance measures:

  • Future Transport State-wide Outcomes Performance Focus Measures and indicators
  • Customer Focused Sustain or improve customer approval levels Monitor the satisfaction rates of the customers using the transport through the NSW Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Successful Places Cultivating the living standard of places through new transport capability Increase accessibility and “develop indicators for transport enabled health and liveability outcomes” (TfNSW, 2018) and Monitor the liveability of the place.
  • A Strong Economy Supplying stronger connection of transport and road links to transport freight and passengers Monitor the amount of time it takes for trips to occur an check if it is 30 minute of less integration of regional centres and the efficiency of freight movement
  • Safety and Performance Providing a system with high quality safety and consistency Monitor the amount of accidents on NSW roads, and compare the travel times between the different mode of transports
  • Accessible Services Deliver accessibility for all consumers including the disable Evolve new ideas for ‘active and public transport accessibility” (TfNSW, 2018). Monitor infrastructure and measure the amount of different people use transport, to find the best way to develop for the future to cater for all.
  • Sustainability Enhance the sustainability within the mass transit and private vehicle systems aiming towards a “net zero emissions” (TfNSW, 2018) Measure the carbon emission emitted by the modes of public transport, measure the energy efficiency and measure the cost effectiveness of the modes of transport

The performance measures are vague and have a high reliability on measuring the outcome of the transportation. There are no specific measures and indicators that are able to show statistically Although it must be taken into account that this is a 40-year plan, in which not all new technology has been made available or created yet, the vagueness allows there to be flexibility in the performance measures.

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Overall the ‘Future Transport Strategy 2056’ is a thoroughly thought out and well visioned plan for the future of transport within NSW. The plans visons, goals and objectives are versatile and inclusive, whilst the strategies link with such visions and are promising for the future. The visions seem achievable within 2056 due to the developments in technology. Although there is ambiguity within the performance measures, it allows for elasticity within the plan, thus making it comprehensive strategy for NSW.  


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