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Generation Z Impact On Traditional Entertainment Services

l. Introduction to Gen Z and its Impact on Businesses We live in an increasingly digitally enhanced well-connected world. Everything is automatic, right from smart homes to vehicles. The industry trend is changing rapidly, a successful business now days need to consider the impact of technologies and should adapt to it. Generation Z are main...
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Generation Battle

Growing up in this world as young adults we face criticism every day. “You millennials are entitled, lazy just a waste of space. If you get a job you always show up late. You don’t care about anybody but yourself. You’re the worst generation ever.” First of all, we didn’t just land on planet Earth....
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Great Generation And Its Obstacle - Great Depression

Being born between 1910-1925 or growing up in the 1920s/30s you were a part of the Greatest Generation. It was basically depicting the generation who were the offspring of the Great Depression and who turned into the grown-ups of the Second World War. It was a generation that distinguished itself from others, by means of...
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Influence Of Pop Culture On Young Generation: Opinion Essay

Today’s popular culture has been liked with technology. we live in time of invitation, technology where modern youth have accessibility to technology between smartphones, laptops and other social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram) to name the few. Todays youth can participate in popular culture either by following their favourite artist, actor or sport athletics....
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