Generation Battle

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Growing up in this world as young adults we face criticism every day. “You millennials are entitled, lazy just a waste of space. If you get a job you always show up late. You don’t care about anybody but yourself. You’re the worst generation ever.” First of all, we didn’t just land on planet Earth. You were the generation before us. So it was your duty to support and educate us. If you have a problem with our generation look into the mirror. Why are we suffering from the problems that you have shaped?

“Oh look they are triggered. But seriously not only did you guys kill courtesy you also killed the act of taking responsibility. I guess that’s the millennial way. I tell you things were a whole lot better…” Let me guess, back in your day? That’s what you always say but get a clue. This new generation is trying. Our generation is better than yours. “Please. You’re not better than us.” But shouldn’t every parent want their kids to be better than they were? I know how it sounded but think about it. Wouldn’t you want to leave this planet a whole lot better than how you found it? Anything else is criminal. You’re not hearing this. If you have a problem do not belittle us. Educate us.

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“Well we’ve tried the talk but you don’t listen. Too busy on your mobile phone taking pictures. You’re all addicted. Pay attention. Always taking a selfie- selfie probably stands for selfish, self-absorbed and self-centered. Our generation invented important tools you invented memes. We came up with the phrase ‘dance like no one’s watching’. When you dance no one is watching because everyone’s on their phone.”

Stop with the white lies and if you keep lying I won’t be there to help you to connect to Wi-Fi. Our generation is making a difference in a lot of things from fair wages to rights to gender equality. You mentioned ‘the good old days’. You mean the days back when racism was normal. In that era. When domestic violence was a part of marriage. No. You can keep those days because we millennials refuse to do things according to society’s old ways like getting married or buying a house by a certain age.

“Geez, Louise just do what you’re supposed to. You’re scared to grow up. You probably still live off your parents” So what. Nothing wrong with saving money. We are only young why should we dig ourselves into debt. “Blah blah blah. You just want it easy. You need to save your money instead of buying it. I guess you’re not having kids either.” Nope. Why would I think to have kids? Why create another life before I get my own right. “Well I guess your generation is perfect then and there’s nothing wrong”

Not true. We do have flaws. Many of us feel depressed and hopeless. We hide emotions through emojis and appreciate likes more than moments. We compete with each other too. You guys had the same thing. It was called ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’ Well now it is called ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ Same story, different chapter. That’s why I hate this whole generational battle. We are so similar but for some reason on this planet, every generation hates the one it comes after they always say these crazy kids are ruining the world.

So let’s break this cycle. Stop being controlled. There are no generations. There are just people with hearts and feelings. So let’s help each other and stop complaining. What will happen if we combined their wisdom with our imagination? We can reach our potential and make great things happen. We are in this together. That’s plain and simple. So let’s stop being so judgmental let us end this generation battle. 


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