Essays on Generation Gap

Second Generation Immigrants: Labour Market Performance

A commonly known phenomena of immigration are the known positive long-term economic effects that accompanies it. Among these, immigration helps in addressing skill shortages and thereby allows for a country to flourish and maintain a growth beneficial to every resident of the nation. However, a large amount of literature suggests the barriers and labor economic...
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Gender Pay Gap

Gender pay gap in sport is one of the most prevalent issues in society today. It is an issue that most women are going through including me. Not only am I facing this issue as a rising AFLW player but athletes as high as Serena Williams are facing this issue too. When Serena was asked...
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Money And American Dream

You must gain control of your money or the lack of it will forever control you” Dave Ramsey. In today society’s the idea of the ‘American dream’ has been replaced with the ideals of power and wealth. The idea that if you have an endless supply of money in this world you have then been...
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