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There are many corporations known throughout the world of business today. Many of the known large corporations include ExxonMobil, Walmart, Microsoft, and Citigroup. A large corporation that struck a particular interest in their corporate culture and the way that everything works is Google. Google is a very popular corporation and just continues to grow. Within a business’s culture it is important to identify the different traditions, customs, and behaviors within a company. The whole world knows about Google and how they work, they watch their every move and it’s important to make sure they stick to their beliefs. Although there are many other corporations Google struck the most interest with their corporate structure and how they function altogether as a company.

The startup of any company begins with the employees and the amount of work they are willing to put into the company. Employees need to know how to work with the technology used and how to work well with their coworkers. Google also uses methods to keep their employees up to date on how well they are doing the job and making sure it is getting done. “Google’s cultural features are focused on enhancing employee performance (Smithson, 2018).” Google also wants their workers to always be thinking of new ideas to put out to make their interest services and electronics to work better. “Google’s corporate culture motivates workers to think outside the box and aim for novel ideas, cultural support is a success factor in international market for internet services, digital advertising, cloud computing, hardware and software, and consumer electronics (Smithson, 2018).” Without these employees and the strategies of Google for having them to think outside of the box, Google wouldn’t be what it is today without them.

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Businesses have many different ways to work under certain approaches and use them in certain areas. It’s important for a business to have a positive work environment and to make sure it is fun for everyone. Google’s strategy thinks that working long days and weekends doesn’t help the creativity or idea process. “Google is just a fun place and doesn’t feel like work. That is difficult to achieve in a company where employees often work long days and even weekends (Council, 2018).” Google also thinks that flexibility on hours is very beneficial to employees and helps to make work a more enjoyable environment for employees. “The perks, environment, and flexibility on where employees can work, Google has managed to create a very creative and enjoyable workplace (Council, 2018).”

Another every important part to a company is all about who you want to hire. Google wants its employees to have a lot to do with the company and to make sure they are always inspired. When Google is looking to hire people, they want to focus one very important element and that is trust. “Google embraces the most important element of an employer-employee relationship: trust (Council, 2018).” With Google showing their employees that they put a lot of trust into them, it can make a great work environment, and their performance will excel. “Google’s willingness to trust their employees is what breeds creativity, above- and -beyond performance and job satisfaction (Council, 2018).

Values within a business continue to change as the business continues to grow. When you have a business with healthy and understandable values this will help your company stand out from everyone else’s, depending on what kind of competition may be out there. When looking at these values it demonstrates how a Google employee should act and what is expected out of them. “Ten things we know to be true, focus on the user and all else will follow, it’s best to do one thing really, really well, democracy on the web works, you can be serious without a suit, and great just isn’t good enough (Brooks, 2018).” While Google is all about getting work done, and done correctly, they don’t want their employees to be stressed out about their job too much and let them work how they would like. “Google’s culture is flexible, employees are encouraged to work how they would like, with fun such as having nap pods in the offices, video games, and ping pong (Brooks, 2018).” Google wants their employees to feel like they are in within a company and wants everyone to feel close with one another. “ Building a sense of community is one of the first steps to creating a more positive company culture, numerous micro kitchens dotted around the Google campus are one way the company, and break out spaces give people a spot to grab lunch, and these are the ways that help bring people together (Brooks, 2018).”

Google has many different offices around the world. Just because there are many offices doesn’t mean they aren’t all communicating with one another. The way they work together is constantly changing, especially as technology continues to grow and develop. “Google has over 70 offices in 50 countries with 28 percent of its employees working from home or telecommunicating (Akorede, 2018).” A lot of work gets done throughout all of these different companies and they use many different tools to help the process. “Effective teamwork is central to productivity, inventiveness, and steady success of workers and companies alike. The involvement of tools that enable effective remote communication, virtual collaboration and sharing of resources (Akorede, 2018).” This work throughout these different companies plays a huge role throughout not only the countries they are in but around the entire world.

Many people want to know what is it about Google that helps it run so efficiently. They also may wonder what can they learn from Google to make their own businesses more efficient. Googles advice to these upcoming business’s would be to make a mission statement to reflect your goals, add dining tables where employees can wat their lunch and have discussions, let your employees come up with some ideas of their own, and Google even has question and answer sessions amongst the staff. “Create a mission statement that really reflects your company goals and constantly challenges yourself and other employees. Add a dining table where employees can chat over their packed lunches. Employees feel free to experiment and fail, create a safe space for failure. Google’s weekly Q&A sessions act as a space to outline upcoming projects to staff (Brooks, 2018).” There are many things to be learned from Google and many businesses would have a huge impact from them.

The corporate culture of Google may be different from the rest of the businesses’ we know about, but all businesses should be able to learn new things from one another. Google strikes a certain interest because of the way they work everything. Employees have flexible schedules to make sure they are not overworking themselves and have fresh ideas in their heads. Google also has ways of making sure everyone is welcome and that they are all communicating with one another. They especially make sure that on their lunch breaks with the micro kitchens or the eating areas, everyone can go chat with one another. It helps that this company is in many different places of the world because it opens up job opportunities for so many and since Google is well known around the world it helps to be able to communicate from the various offices. Google also wants to make sure everting is running properly and have better connections in those countries.  


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