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Heart disease is a group of conditions that influence parts of the heart functions. There are four conditions for heart disease Coronary artery, heart attack, Congenital heart disease. Heart attack starts when blood that is supplied to the heart starts to slow down because of blockage. Congenital heart or blood vessels near the heart didn’t develop normally before birth. 1% of world’s popularity who were born had Congenital heart disease and the most frequent case is newborn children. There are many kinds of heart diseases, and reasons for them, and many ways to avoid and cure them.

There are many Types of heart diseases. Those diseases include Vascular disease like coronary artery disease. The coronary artery disease occurs when major blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart be damaged. In some cases, this disease can lead to a heart attack, also it’s an important reason of disability as well as death. There are also diseases that are there from birth due to birth defects. There are many of those diseases that start from piercings in the heart to complex diseases, like Congenital heart defect which is very noticeable for people that live at high altitudes, where the focus of oxygen is reduced. Endomyocardial fibrosis is a disease that specially leads to heart failure though its precise cause is yet undefined.

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There are many reasons for heart diseases, and many tried to diagnose the cause of such disease. According to Leopold Auenbrugger (the mid-18th century) ascertain the size of the heart and to determine the presence of fluid in the chest is a common manifestation of heart failure. In the past coronary heart disease included angina pectoris and myocardial infarction or “heart attack,” was known by having chest pain, but now it is understood by the closure of coronary arteries. After preforming an autopsy on a dead person that died in a fit of anger John Hunter said “ My life is in the hands of any rascal who chooses to annoy me.”, and with that Hunter’s claim was proved as he died in 1793 soon after he left a hostile meeting room. Dublin medical doctors Robert Adams and William Stokes described in the first half of the nineteenth century that having a very slow heart pulse is often accompanied with fainting. The presence of cardiac murmur at the start of WW1 was taken as a reliable evidence of heart disease. The parasite Schistosoma mansoni is a generally the cause of heart disease. The disease is mainly focused on the stress level and the continues body alerts that the person has. Endocarditis was an infection of the heart gates that resulted to an almost definite death before the discovery of antibiotics. At some point, it mainly struck people with gate damages which were due to having rheumatic heart disease. Discoveries state that the lack of physical activities and changes in ones diet may have a role in the increase of coronary heart disease. Many factors can lead to heart diseases like, High blood pressure and diabetes, but the one that has a big affect and influence is smoking, it noticeably increases the odds of a coronary case. According to scientific studies it is proven that the relationship between the increased serum cholesterol level in the form of low-density lipoprotein and the rate of heart disease is continuously positive. There is evidence that lowering the cholesterol level with drug therapy will lower death rates from the disease, also exercise is useful because of its effect on the types of fats circulated in the bloodstream. (K. F. Kiple (Ed.), 2003)

We can avoid this disease by several ways, and we can cure it by many. There are foods we should stay away from because they are the cause of heart diseases. Eat healthy diets, fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Getting regular exercise has many benefits, including strengthening your heart. It can also help you maintain a healthy weight and lower cholesterol and blood pressure; all of these can lower your risk of having a heart disease. Consulting a doctor can help treat this kind of disease, sometimes medication is necessary to take to treat the disease. Smoking is the number 1 thing that we must avoid because of its affects not only on this kind of disease but on many others too. Sleep is important to relive stress and most adults don’t have enough sleep which must be from 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

Heart diseases have a lot of different types, and causes, and various methods to avoid and cure them. Although they may be fatal diseases, we think that it can be cured and make us strong as the saying goes by Friedrich Nietzsche “That does not kill us makes us stronger”. 


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