Essays on Hard Times

Hard Times: People Trapped During Industrialization

Industrial revolution marked an important period through history, particularly for Great Britain, the first place the movement took place in. During the industrialization, there were more and more machines appearing in the society due to the advanced technology. However, not only the physical machines appeared, but also humans became machines. People becoming machines and gradually...
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Hard Times: Impacts Of The Industrialisation On The Economy And Society

I think the extract from Hard Times, by Charles Dickens, presents the impacts of industrialization on the economy and society. The combination of complex and compound-complex sentences, which integrate noun phrases, adverbial phrases and verb phrases, is used to present a ‘satirical portrayal of hard moments of the industrial revolution during the nineteenth century in...
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Thomas Gradgrind, Sissy Jupe, And Rachel In Hard Times

In Charles Dickens’s novel “Hard Times” Dickens portrays the similarities and different agencies between the three characters Thomas Gradgrind, Sissy Jupe, and Rachel. Dickens evaluates these characters by the different roles they play in his novel. Thomas Gradgrind is successful due to his strong intuition, while Sissy Jupe and Rachel measure their success through selflessness...
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