Essays on Health Care

United States' Health Care System In International Context

The United States’ health care system falls far behind those of comparable countries, despite the country’s monumental financial investments in this sector (Institute of Medicine [IOM] & National Research Council [NRC], 2013; Schneider, Sarnak, Squires, Shah, & Doty, 2017). Although the United States invests more money in health care than any other country, Americans have...
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Workplace Safety Plan Worksheet

OSHA has cited your company, Smith & Baker Construction Co. (SBCC), in the past year for violations. SBCC operates in three Western states: California, Arizona and Nevada. The violations were for the following accidents: Andrew fell into an open excavation in California, and the company failed to identify the hazard. Thomas fell from scaffolding during...
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The Development And Implementation Of A Health Promotion Poster

Introduction This reflective paper will look at the development and implementation of a health promotion poster directed at the local transport and logistic community. Using Rolfe’s reflective model (2001) it will allow me to explore and reflect on the process of the health promotion poster and the evaluation received by my peers after the formative...
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Strategies, Models, And Approaches Of Health Promotion

Introduction The pieces from the extensive literature available are evident that the communities having the empowerment and the healthy life motivation are observed to be the healthy communities. The practices, which include on the routine basis are the concerns for promoting health in the form of decision making, achieved through the networking and supporting strategic...
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Sleep: Adverse Childhood Experiences

Sleep is known as an important part of our daily routine. As humans, we spend about one-third of our life sleeping. Without sleep we cannot form or maintain the necessary pathways in our brain that allow us to learn, retain information, and develop. Sleep can also affect our brains, heart, lungs, immune system, mood, and...
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Proper Hand Hygiene: Advanced Leadership For Contemporary Nursing

Advanced Leadership for Contemporary Nursing Proper Hand Hygiene Proper hand hygiene is important as many infections are acquired in healthcare settings. This has led to longer hospital stays and multiple re admissions to the hospital. The stakeholders are being forced to pay attention due to stricter regulations resulting in monetary fines and loss revenue. Washing...
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Improving Health And Sleep

The girl looking back at me in the mirror today is different compared to the girl in the mirror a month ago. My English professor assigned us to research and write a paper on health, and to implement the change for a month. According to one of the books I used in my research, The...
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Ethical Issues And Palliative Care

Palliative care nursing is a speciality where you observe your patients in their most vulnerable moments. Whether it be watching a patient struggle to hold on until their last family member arrives to say good-bye, or accompanying them as they take their final breath. It isn’t solely about death, but rather about making your patient...
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Hand Hygiene: Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence based practice (EBP) is the conscientious use of current best evidence and a problem-solving approach to clinical practice that incorporates patient values and preferences from well-designed studies for making decisions about patient care (Ackley, Ladwig, Makic, Martinez-Kratz, & Zanotti, 2020). Healthcare is evidence based and grounded in knowledge derived from scientific principles and research...
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Article Critique: Hand Hygiene Compliance Among Healthcare Workers

Article Critique: Hand Hygiene Compliance Among Healthcare Workers  This document will discuss, and critique research conducted by Chavali et al., (2014). The author’s empirical study evaluated the adherence to hand hygiene among nurses and allied healthcare workers at the end of their training year. The first section will discuss the background of the study, including...
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