Henry Ford: An American Automobile Manufacturer

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Henry Ford, an American automobile manufacturer, created a car in 1908 which they called the model T. Ford paved the way for newer cars, he went and created the assembly line mode of production. He sold millions of vehicles.

A little about Henry Ford. He was born on a farm in Wayne county in Michigan on July 30,1863. Around the age of 13 he was given a special gift from his father. He was given a pocket watch. He did what a young inventor might do, he liked to take it apart and put it together. The people around him were very amazed and so they asked him to fix their stuff as well. As you might expect, the 16 year old boy was sick of working the farm. So he left home to take an apprenticeship at a shipbuilding firm in Detroit. He married in 1888 and had their child in 1893.

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In the next month Ford was made chief engineer at the Detroit Edison Company plant. With his brilliant mind he had years before said he wanted to build a vehicle powered by gasoline. Fulling that though he completed a working engine in 1893. Then in 1896 he had completed a QUadricycle or a horseless buggy. Then in 1899 the Detroit Automobile Company was formed.

It was not the least bit surprising that the company was a hit from the very beginning. Though since Ford was not a licensed manufacturer he had been threatened to be shut down by the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers. Though they also denied him a license. Ford very much disliked industrial combinations. He thought the Seldon patent preposterous. He said that all inventions were a matter of evolution. He was happy to fight. In 1909 he lost the case but won in 1911. This fight had made many think of Ford as a Hero, a very popular one.

“I will build a motor car for the great multitude,” Ford said in the announcement of the birth of the Model T in October 1908. Within the 19 years of Model T 15,500,00 million were sold in the US. And 1,000,000 in Canada and 250,000 in Great Britain. Think how before only the very rich could travel wherever around the country and now ordinary people. That’s pretty cool. The widely known Model T was the chief instrument of the greatest and fastest changes to the commonwealth in HISTORY. That’s pretty amazing. All of this change in less than 20 years. It’s amazing to see how farms were not easy to get to and not isolated.

The invention of the Model T changed the world. Ford created something that helped so many people which is very amazing. This car helped people travel and farms to not be so remote. In the end this wasn’t just an invention for the rich but for the everyday commonwealth. This goes to show that an ordinary person can make a difference and change the world. Go out and make a difference.  


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