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Alexander Hamilton And His Role In The History

I will go to Alexander Hamilton later but it helps to know a bit about the revolutionary war first. Revolutionary war started in 1775 and ended in 1783 and was over taxes and taxation without representation but mainly independence from Great Britain. It stared at Lexington and concord and ended at Yorktown with major battles...
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Alexander Hamilton: How He Made History

“I may not live to see our glory. But I will gladly join the fight. And when our children tell our stories, they’ll tell the story of tonight. Raise a glass to freedom. Something they can never take away. No matter what they tell you. Raise a glass to the four of us. Tomorrow they’ll...
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Mahatma Gandhi: The Way Of Life

 Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer from India, who made a big effect on Indian. Gandhi was born in northwest of India, the state of Porbandar in 2nd October 1869. Porbandar is well known as a western seaport of India and used on trading for a long time. Gandhi’s house was a rich family and his...
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Hamilton Review Paper: Report On Manufactures

All through the mid-year of 1791, Hamilton was primarily working to set up the Republican party and develop their gatheringings into productive sessions, Hamilton worked determinedly on different undertakings all throughout Philadelphia as well as a few other locations, the most sensational and to be perfectly honest, significant, of which was his esteemed Report on...
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Mahatma Gandhi's Contribution To India

Mahatma Gandhi lived and died for India. He has been rightly called the Father of the Nation, because under his leadership India achieved freedom. His name is respected all over the world. We should never let his memory die. But reverence and respect for Mahatma Gandhi ought not to mean acceptance of all his views....
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Mahatma Gandhi: The Father Of India

Mahatma Gandhi, a man who is revered by many around the world for his advocation of peace. In Indian culture, he is a powerful symbol for their nation and has been named the Father of India. He received the title due to being one of the key figures responsible for India’s independence from the British...
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Abigail Adams: An Activist Pushing For Women’s Rights

The American Revolution changed the nation. The Colonists went from being under the rule of the harsh British government to being free, and creating their own government. Throughout history, women have been treated as inferior to men. After the American Revolution, the women of America started pushing for this to change. They argued that the...
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Alexander Hamilton: His Personality And His Accomplishments

Who is Alexander Hamilton? What has he accomplished during his lifetime? The musical play, Hamilton, puts light on Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers, who is not quite known as much as other Founding Fathers. Hamilton is an immigrant and an orphan, yet he becomes a scholar and marks his face on a ten-dollar...
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Alexander Hamilton: Book Review

The 2004 New York Times best-selling book, Alexander Hamilton, written by Ron Chernow, follows the life story of the United States’ first secretary of treasure, Alexander Hamilton. From the beginning of Alexander’s life as an immigrant in the Caribbean to his life ending battle with Aaron Burr, this book thoroughly encapsulates the theme of overcoming...
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