Essays on Historical Figures

Early Feminist Movement: Abigail Adams

There are femisnt movements that are well known and there are some we know nothing about. Women had a hard time breaking free from the control of men, but fought for their voice to be heard. Early Feminists Movements are best described through Shakespeare’s play showing that women had a choice, Elizabeth the First by...
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Book Review: Alexander Hamilton

Book Review: Alexander Hamilton One of the famous Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton was a well-known military commander, successful lawyer, proven banker, famous statesman and smart politician. He is most popularly known as the first appointed Secretary of Treasury. Hamilton played a vital role in drafting the First Constitution of...
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Important Figures: Comparison Of Martin Luther King Jr. And Barack Obama

 Throughout the years, there have been many people that were born to be leaders, activists, supporters, scientists and influencers that have helped the world become a better place. They’re skill set, knowledge and determination is what made the world a better place and kept it growing. There are two main figures; Martin Luther King Jr....
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Details Of Nat Turner's Rebellion

As Nat Turner stood on the streets in Southampton, VA he watched many men being killed as hot lead ripped through them. Innocent kids and women were killed, and he stood there and thought to himself, “I saw white spirits and black spirits engaged in battle, and the sun was darkened—the thunder rolled in the...
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The Life Of Joan Of Arc And Her Impact On France

The life of Joan of Arc is one of many conflicts, but throughout her life and seen in her actions she showed a tremendous amount of courage and bravery. Nationally recognized as a heroine of France and a Catholic Saint, Joan of Arc’s life has been a symbol of female empowerment in modern culture. Her...
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Joseph Stalin: The Life

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was one of the most famous dictators of his time. He is known for ruling the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) by terror and how he took the Soviet Union from economic shambles to a superpower, but at the high cost of human sacrifice. Stalin is also compared to Adolf Hitler,...
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Harriet Tubman: The Transnational Perspective

Africa has suffered the most from the ravages of slave trade. An estimated 18 million Africans were taken to Europe and the ‘new world’ to meet the increasing demand for slaves. With the colonization of the Americas starting in the 16th century, a new slave market opened up, and the trans-Atlantic salve trade became one...
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Eleanor Roosevelt: Biography Overview

Introduction Eleanor Roosevelt was an equalist and supporter that wanted to help the lives of others. She centralized her attention to helping the country as whole to remove themselves from poverty. She was a leader in her own way that was involved in several humanitarian causes. She risked her time and money in order to...
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Henry Viii And His Wives

The eight king of England. The man who did the most royal scandals in the history. The most famous king of all times. This text will inform you about Henry, as well as his relation with his wives. He had a lot of wives and had fun with mostly all of them, but the question...
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