Essays on Historical Figures

Mother Of Civil Rights: Rosa Parks Achievements

Imagine sitting on the end of bus staring out the window. Watching the black and white children, walking five feet apart from each other. Instead of holding hands and playing together, they were all blinded by the hate and judgment. Then suddenly you hear, “get up.” You look up to see the white man telling...
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John Brown: Freedom Fighter Or A Terrorist

Lots of people think that Jonh Brown was either a freedom fighter or a terrorist, no in between. To me, Brown seems like a terrorist. Once something went against his beliefs he through these big fits that killed and injured many people. Between the dates 1849 and 1850, two things happened which resulted in putting...
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Rosa Parks Biography

‘I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.’ An activist for black rights and a winner of many awards such as The Presidential Award, Rosa Louise McCauley Parks rose to fame when she hopped on a bus, only...
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Mahatma Gandhi: Brief Biography

Mahatma Gandhi was a great politician, leader, statesman, scholar and freedom fighter. He was a public figure. He led the freedom movement. It was under his leadership that India got independence from British rule after years of struggle. He launched many freedom movements to liberate the country from the rule of foreigners. He was the...
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The Role Of Rosa Parks In The American Civil Rights Movement

The scope of this report will venture into the background of Parks and relevant figures around her where necessary, as well as the way Parks’ efforts impacted the movement for racial equality in America. There will also be a focus on the Montgomery Bus Boycott, including Parks’ role as well as crucial facts and figures...
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Franklin D. Roosevelt: American Icon

One of our nation’s iconic American president helped one of the greatest crises of the 20th century was the Great Depression and World War Ⅱ, and his name was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt was 39 at the time he was running for vice-president against Democrat James M. Cox in the 1920 presidential election....
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St. Joan Of Arc Role Woman Burned Alive

St. Joan of Arc, the woman burned alive! Right now, you must be thinking, how can a woman from such a long time ago be an inspiration today. Well for starters, God was calling on her through three great angels, St. Michael, St. Margaret, and St. Catherine. St. Joan of Arc was being called on...
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Most InfluentIal First Ladies Of USA

The Constitution of the United States sets the precedent for all branches of the government. It clearly lays out the powers, roles, and responsibilities of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President. However, the Constitution does not mention the First Lady of the United States. There are no rules, responsibilities, or expectations clearly set for...
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Ideology Of Nat Turner

The Confessions of Nat Turner provide insight into Nat Turner’s ideology for the rebellion. He stood up for what he believed in and fought for the rights of everyone even while he was in custody. No one knows for sure why Nat answered Thomas R. Gray’s questions while in his cell. However, many suspect it...
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