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Coming up with a good history essay is never easy, especially if you are wondering about how to structure all these dates and facts. For example, when your university professor asks to provide a history essay sample on the Victorian Era or Tudors, start with an outline where you address ... all the questions like what has been most significant and what personalities have played the most vital roles. As a solution, see our history essay example and see what must be included in an introduction part and how the dates and facts are always structured based on a specific timeline. Even if you are dealing with modern history subjects, this part is always essential to get your structure right.

American Journalism And Democracy

Ever since the very beginnings of our nation, journalism has been a keystone in the American way of life. Even before the revolution, newspapers and pamphlets were used to spread news about the war, independence, and happenings across the nation. This model, although mediums for reporting have changed, has remained deeply important to the way...
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Revolutionary War Versus Civil War

A civil war is when groups of people from the same country go to war, and a revolutionary war is when two different countries have a conflict between them. Revolutionary wars are within two different countries, in this case, The American Revolutionary War was between America and Britain. Both of the events were wars, but...
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Mesopotamia Versus Ancient Egypt

Mesopotamia, the cradle of society, was a mighty empire from the years 3000 BC to 1600 BC. The democracy turned dictatorship was stationed between two rivers, the Tigris, and the Euphrates, and the ruins can be found in present day Iraq. Ancient Egypt was also a mighty society. The monarchy flourished in the desert due...
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Egypt Compared To Mesopotamia Essay

Ancient Egypt is thought to have begun in about 3100 B.C. and end in about 712 B.C. compared to Mesopotamia began in about 5000 B.C and was constantly invaded an immersed in other cultures making it unclear when it officially ended. Egypt is located in present-day Northeast Africa while Mesopotamia is located in present-day Iraq...
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The Greatest Deal In American History: The Louisiana Purchase

The Greatest Deal in American History The Louisiana Purchase was one of the greatest real estate deals in the world. About 827,000 square miles was purchased to increase the land size of the United States. As a result of the Louisiana Purchase, the United States doubled in the amount of land they owned. The Louisiana...
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The Gateway Arch: The Representation Of Westward Expansion

This 630-foot monument to one of the founding fathers is a stunning sight. The Gateway Arch is what I’m talking about. The Gateway Arch is an arch in St Louis Missouri, right next to the Missipissi river. The Gateway Arch intrigues visitors through its impressive construction process, its representation of westward expansion, and it’s still...
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Commentary On Gentilli: Brigands Do Not Wage War

Piracy, from the beginning of the time, has been a controversial subject historian considered regarding whether the law should be applied to pirates in case of capture, treatment and punishment. Gentilli highlights on areas of ethics, directly and indirectly, to argue if pirates are selfish sea bandits or if they are rebels who did not...
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The Decade Of The 1920s - The Decade Of Prosperity

Why might the decade of the 1920s be called “the decade of prosperity”? The decade of the 1920s is called the “decade of prosperity” because during this time, there was tons of economic growth. Yet, the wealth was ridiculously diverse and directed to wealth inequality. The wealth inequality eventually caused the Great Depression. No one...
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Scientific Revolution: a Major Turning Point In European History

The Scientific Revolution was a major turning point in European history and set the tone for how things in the society we live in today are still done. The scientific revolution began with Nicolaus Copernicus’ theory along with the rediscovery of ancient Greek atomism in the early fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The seventeenth century is...
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Alexander Hamilton And His Role In The History

I will go to Alexander Hamilton later but it helps to know a bit about the revolutionary war first. Revolutionary war started in 1775 and ended in 1783 and was over taxes and taxation without representation but mainly independence from Great Britain. It stared at Lexington and concord and ended at Yorktown with major battles...
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