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Health appointments have been vital to nursing for more than a one hundred years. Initiating with Florence Nightingale. Her Philosophy was environmentally conscious. Florence pondered the idea that the environment of the patient should be changed allowing the environment act on the clients health and safety . Since then many has had the same concept when it comes to treating the entire patient. Homecare services rely on the same ideas as Florence Nightingale. Homecare is provided to patients in a home setting to help patients get through an illness or injury. Home health care is inexpensive and is as effective as care that patient could receive in a hospital, or skilled facility. It is appropriate for patient and their families, as the care is taken to their own home

Community Setting

The population of patients who have, are on the verge of having, health problems that make it difficult for them to provide for themselves. The elderly, as they age, or become sick. Children are too young and must rely on other adults to provide care. Patients with terminal illnesses are weak as their health deteriorates. Varies other vulnerable population are identified as minorities, low-income individuals’, pregnant women, their infants, uninsured and underinsured individuals. There’s currently considerable interest in finding better alternatives to meet the health necessities of these patients and, are generally covered by the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

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In-home care services are covered by Medicare and Medicaid and offers a range of services that is valuable to the client’s health. Patient who require skilled care in an acute or skilled facility, are able to return home to receive care. Services that are offered by Home health care are wound care which allows nurses to increase teaching opportunities, and identify health problems or concerns earlier, contributing to decreased re-hospitalization rates . At-home intravenous therapy is offered to those who require daily infusion of total parental nutrition, or antibiotic therapy. (Nies, & McEwen, (2019). Home dialysis is also offered by healthcare nursing. Allows patient to learn how to administer dialysis at home with a family member or friend. Nurses train the helpers for three to eight weeks at a dialysis center, and are taught how to use equipment, and monitor vital signs .

Health Promotion Nursing Intervention

Nursing responsibilities  in preventative health care is to utilize evidence-based research to advance the well-being of patients. Nurses are fundamental for healthier lifestyles through teaching, helping patients to receive preventative services such as screenings, and medications.  The most critical roles that community health nurse to have in health promotion and disease prevention is to educate. Nurses spend the majority of their time providing preventative guidance about immunizations, nutrition, dietary, medications, and safety.

Many health nurses may collaborate with local churches in the community to encourage health and wellness by organizing blood pressure screenings and diabetes education. Partnerships now involves several individuals and organizations to increase health and wellness by encouraging health literacy. ( Estacio, Oliver, Downing, Kurth, & Protheroe.2017 p.14). This includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospital managers, dentists, social workers, , teachers, volunteer organizations, and housing agencies. Nurses also partners with volunteer organizations such as Meals on wheels to delivers health meals to the elderly or disabled in the community.

Professional Nursing Organization

A company that supports nurses in a home healthcare role is The National Association for homecare and Hospice (NAHC). They are the leading and reliable professional organization which provide care to the chronically ill, disabled, and dying. The NAHC offers extensive services, amenities are provided at home to recovering, or terminally ill patients in need of medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment (NAHC.org). They also offer a range of services from nursing, home care aide, homemaker, and other supportive services such as bill paying and transportation.


The benefits to home health care is that it allows client are to receive care at home. Home care allows patients to remain as efficient and autonomous as possible, providing a much higher sense of confidence and dignity. Home health care reduces costs, improves health outcomes, and diminishes hospital stays, by  providing medical care and treatment to patients in their home, utilizing evidence-based research and suggestions to advance the well-being of patients. The most vital responsibility of a community health nurse have in health promotion and disease hindrance is education. Community health nurses collaborate with many, healthcare professionals, and local churches, and volunteer organizations to promote health and wellness.


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