Essays on Homosexuality

Brunei Muslim LGBT Community

In this reflective practice, the concept of ‘comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)’ (Browne, 2015, as cited in Ridwan & Wu, 2018, p. 130) will be bringing into a media text which essentially focused on the implementation of new Islamic laws to the LGBT community under Brunei’s absolute monarchy system (“Syariah law plunges Brunei”, 2019). Therefore, the...
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Homosexuality In Islam

Some of the main questions that the younger generation Muslims are struggling with is that why does Islam hold such a strict stance towards homosexuality? why is it haram? why would Allah criminalize something that might be natural or what’s the big deal in what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom....
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Vatican Vs Homosexuality

As many know, over several years many viewpoints and ways of life are changed or altered to fit the new norms of the present time. The catholic church is a prime example for age old precedents that have since been outdated. The Vatican argues that homosexuality is morally wrong in that it is statistically abnormal,...
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Homosexuality And Genetics

Homosexuality known as sexual desire and attraction towards an individual of one’s possess sex. The term gay is regularly utilized as an equivalent word for gay person; female homosexuality is frequently called as lesbianism. The geneticist had found that genetic factors may influence the homosexuality but not primarily. Hormones rage amid adolescence. Young ladies get...
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