How Digital Citizenship Is Connected With Technology

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The invention of technology has been massive to the human race and provided so much. From being able to talk to family, friends and others everywhere, so many forms of entertainment and with technology came digital citizenship. In this blog I want to go more in detail of how much of an impact digital citizenship has made to everyone who is a digital citizen. If you’re reading this then you’re most likely a digital citizen so wouldn’t you also want to find out how big this thing called digital citizenship is.

A description of digital citizenship

So let’s start off with what digital citizenship actually is. Well a digital citizen is a person who uses technology/internet to be apart of a community with others either on social media, games, websites, with other business and companies, and more. This means people have the the ability and responsibility to use their digital citizenship in an effective and wise way. Whether people are or aren’t doing that may or may not be a blog for another time

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Societies involvement with digital citizenship

Ok so now that you hopefully basic understanding of what digital citizenship is. Let’s find out and go in detail to what it’s capable of. Well let’s start off with this, you probably use social media don’t you. Well there is around 3.2 billion other who also do. That alone is crazy as a bit more than 2/5 of the world population goes on apps like instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and so on. Because of the creation of digital citizenship people can talk and communicate with others, so many ways and the other person or people don’t have to be in a close proximity either. You might not utilize but you probably still use some from of technology. At least 3.8 billion use the internet today. Going forward it’s predicted that 8 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. People these days use the internet for so many things like students at all ages use it for research, companies and employees use it to create and have websites to assist them. Entertainment like games and video content apps and websites is also a major reason why technology has so many people on it. Things like Netflix and YouTube provide so many options for the user that they’re bound to find something. All of this is all thanks to digital citizenship as without it the world would be so different. Communication wouldn’t be as effective and engaging, entertainment would be harder to come by in everyday life and school study and work that requires technology would be harder.


In conclusion digital citizenship allows people to do so many things online and because of that so many people use it. Most of the time people use this effectively and responsibly but when they don’t problems can occur for themselves and others. So with the 3.8 billion internet users you’re bound to have some that act, do and say irrational, irrelevant and irresponsible things. However most people do the right thing and think about what they post and make being a digital citizen. At this rate use and the people using the internet is so grand that digital citizenship plays such a big role in today’s society. So we should be making sure that we’re using it to it’s full capability. 


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