How The Classroom Environment Is Organized Influences The Behavior In It

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I choose to keep those in that cabinet because I do not want students to scatters or any accidents that may cause. Next to the teacher table there will be another bookshelf for students’ portfolios. Their boxes will also for students unfinished works. Thus, if students do not finish work, students will keep in a box that says unfinished work. There will also be a box for unchecked work according to subjects so that if teachers get time to check they will find in a work unchecked box. Lastly, there will also be a box where students may keep their homework for the teacher to check. Besides bookshelf, there will be students’ library. The wall opposite to students’ bag shelf, there will be a toy shelf and next to the toy- shelf, there will be a birthday chart. This birthday chart will also be colorful and contain a box for each student’s name. The paper of the box will be plain at first than later, students will be allowed to decorate their birthday box and paste it on their birth chart. In the center of this classroom in front of the teacher’s table, students’ tables and chairs will be placed. The tables will be in different colors. I want students’ table in a different color because it will be easy to group students and divide students responsibilities also it will make classroom looks colorful and attracts students attention and also to give the energy to work. In other words, students may not be bored with the same color. Students who need less help will be kept on the table that is far from the teacher’s table and students who need teachers more help will be on a table near the teacher’s table. However, this does not mean that students far from the teacher’s table will not be given the teachers’ attention. In one table are will be four students so that when 1 student needs help, other students may help also for group work on their table. There will a moveable chair for an ADHD student. This chair may change according to the special needs students. My school is flexible to accept any special needs’ student. I prefer to teach a blind student or hear impairment student. In front of the students’ table, there is a mat where students will be taught when they do not have to do group work and also for group instruction. Just above mat there is a projector facing the wall in front. On the front wall, there will be a projector chart and next to the projector chart there will be a board that will contain students’ work to pin students’ work. The free space wall (meaning the wall that does not have anything decoration or table or anything) will be decorated with students’ handcraft and other decorations.

I choose to decorate my classroom with student’s work and their birth chart to give them a sense of family and I care about them and to build a positive environment among them. A positive environment creates “positive behavior” (Saricoban and Sakizli, p. 15). I choose to provide pencils and colors, scissors so that students may get what those ‘materials’ (William, p.15) easily when they work. I choose to provide a board that can hold students’ work so that students may be proud of what they did. Thus, keeping things in specific places because ‘How the classroom environment is organized influences the behavior in it’ (Stronge, Tucker, and Hindman, 2004). 

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