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Small business management is very crucial since it allows entrepreneurs or business owners to have a focus in their business. Unlike big businesses where there are the separate team for managing each function, small business owners will have to ensure that all functions of the organization are executed without any hassle.

They have achievable goals and the clear focus which will ensure them to expand their business and have a rapid growth. Business decisions are taken at a faster pace in small business management due to lower levels of escalation. They also understand how to manage employees and report accurate financial information in order to reduce operational expenses. Hence in small businesses entrepreneurs and business owners have extended knowledge and vast experience. This results better business management.

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Strategic human resource management is the collaborative approach of human resource. It means working with the employees to quality of the work, lower attrition, increase retention and maximize the benefits for the employees as well as employer. It includes all the basic contents of human resource like hiring, payroll, discipline etc. Setting the first step is the goal setting. It gives the vision where the company wants to be in certain period.

In this step the short term and long-term goals are identified, and employees are given responsibilities and tasks as well.

The analysis hence it is very important step. The company may do some SWOT analysis to find out the strengths, weakness, threat and opportunities. It includes the review of gained analysis. Companies find out that what are the resources available with them to accomplish the task? If there is any need of external resources, then the company manages tat resource from outside. Now the formulated strategy is implemented and executed. In this stage each one should know their responsibilities, task etc.

HR Management is a good practice to have in an organization, whether a small or a huge one. Of course, considering that the organization is having somewhat above 20-30 employees, otherwise you would not require an HR management department to manage 5-6 people which can be alone done by you.

You need an expert who can handle people and their grievances, because you want to focus time on expanding your business and taking it forward HR helps you appreciate your good performing employees, and check the ones who are under-performing, which is very essential for an organization.

They identify weak areas of employees, and help develop training programs for them. They help negotiating the employee pay structure according to the work, because you cannot spend huge time documenting each work of your employee and then decide what should be their pay, it would lead to discrepancies in the structure.

How would this affect the people in the organization?

They would feel good that there is someone listening to their problems, and taking their point of view forward to the bosses, to resolve them, employees would perform well with an appraisal system in place which is looked over by an HR team, appreciating the employees at the right time will boost their confidence they would feel more involved with the organization, as one of the most important work with HR is to develop policies to keep people engaged.

How to implement an HR system

  • . Look for 3rd party HR solutions provider, at the beginning of the program

Discuss your business with them clearly, discuss the culture of your organization, type of employees the company needs, the problems they generally face, how are your employees performing and several other points which can be fruitful for the organization , let the HR team develop certain solutions for your points or problems listed hr. team will implement certain programs, and there would charts like- employee performance, employee education, employee skill growth etc. which the HR team would develop you can monthly check on these charts and see if there is improvement in the systems.

Once you see the system is working, try shifting towards a self, company-owned Hr department.

  • Take a Leap – Managing Human Resources in Small Organizations

Hiring- The Right Way. Even small businesses are adopting automation tools to ease their recruitment process, appreciate Your Employees. Appreciation can make your employees do wonders, employee Benefits & Pay Package, relationship-Building with Employees, Training Sessions Make Everything Legal. …

  • Employee Satisfaction

Human beings need motivation, respect, love and appreciation. HRM department in a small business ensures that employees are happy, and they are comfortable working in the firm. By hiring and training skilled talent in the market, HRM acts as great boost for improving prospects of success of small businesses

Human resource-related job functions often fall under that DIY umbrella for many small businesses. As your business grows in services and in numbers, the need for an HR department will grow concurrently. Generally, industry reports recommend hiring a full-time human resource staff member at around 40 employees, Payroll administration, including produce checks, handling taxes, and dealing with sick time and vacation time.

Employee benefits, including health, medical and life insurance, 401(k) plans and cafeteria plans. Hr. management, including recruiting, hiring and firing Strategic Management. …

  • Workforce Planning and Employment recruitment and selection

Human Resource Development training & development Total Rewards compensation & benefits Policy Formulation, employee and Labor Relations, Risk Management

There are three major roles of HR management: administrative, operational and strategic. The administrative role of HR focuses on clerical administration. This role includes processing and records-keeping activities, such as maintaining hours worked records, labor, engage Your People. Employee engagement is one of the most written and talked about issues today in business, leverage high-impact leadership practices, Align Your Metrics. use Training and Development Strategically. Focus on your business strategy; you can’t please every market.

Effective HR planning helps the organization work smoothly and achieves success in the present times. HR professionals working towards developing HR planning for an organization assist the organization to manage its staff strategically.

  • The major steps involved in HR planning include the following:

“According to the 2017 National Small Business Compliance Pulse Survey by Comply Right, 74% of small businesses across the United States with five to 100 employees feel that employment laws are becoming increasingly complex. Meanwhile, 70% of small businesses continue to rely on manual methods — pen and paper, sticky notes, spreadsheets, or comprehensive business software — to manage HR tasks.

Even though respondents admit that HR compliance is more complex, they continue using outdated tools, which increases compliance risk. And what about assigning the HR role to someone unqualified to handle HR duties? Giving an untrained employee those responsibilities increases the chance of a legal misstep, which could put an end to the business you worked so hard to build”

Being exposed to compliance risk isn’t for lack of caring , it’s often due to a lack of accessible resources: time, budget, knowledge, or otherwise. This doesn’t mean you need to add overhead or buy comprehensive HR software packages. You need quick and easy processes to help you do more with less when tackling essential HR responsibilities

“If you don’t have an attendance tracking system, you may be paying employees for time they didn’t actually work. You also send a message that you don’t take your attendance policy seriously. If an employee gets a “free” day off, they may abuse the system regularly — which could discourage your superstars if they must work harder or longer because the attendance policy is unenforced. It’s also important to track requested time off if there is ever a dispute over time worked. If you have no record of how much time an employee has taken off, it’s your word against theirs, which is never a good situation, especially in the event a problem escalates. Speaking of disputes, it’s important to document everything regarding insubordination. Wrongful termination is one of the more common legal actions against small business owners, and building an ironclad case requires accurate and consistent records”

Instead of having a detailed history at their fingertips always, many small business owners find themselves building a case after the fact, which is a recipe for disaster. Your mantra for discipline management is simple: document, document, document. Make it your goal to work with employees to improve their work ethic vs. creating a culture of punishment. Document areas of concern, address concerns immediately, have an improvement plan, and follow up to see if progress is being made

“HR management for small business owners is challenging if you’re stretched for time or not familiar with all the responsibilities. That’s okay. The availability of attorney-developed cloud-based solutions can streamline the process, putting more time in your day and keep you in compliance. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, HR direct Smart Apps are just what you need to handle HR like a pro. Simple, affordable, and built by labor law experts, each Smart App is designed to help you address a specific employee-management goal, such as employee recordkeeping, attendance tracking, hiring, and more. It’s the fastest, easiest way to manage HR tasks without compromising other business priorities”

The major challenges in small companies are attracting right people to the company is one of the most major problems faced by small companies. Small business owners hire people they know personally rather than hiring through recruitment or interview process problems in outsourcing is another challenge faced by small businesses. Generally, small firms do have enough fund to outsource various human resource activities

Another challenge is in creating clear job definitions. Most small business owners neglect creating an accurate and clear job description which is very essential to attract right people for the job

One most important challenge for small businesses is addressing performance issues. If you have performance issues with employees, they must be resolved immediately

Another challenge is understanding basic employment laws. There are many human resources management law which many small business firms ignored.

Human Resource Management is different in small businesses in different ways , HR activities tend to be more formalized in small businesses since no one has the time to monitor flexibility. The entrepreneur will tend to allow great freedom and latitude to her/his employees. Priorities in a smaller firm need to be on marketing and finance so HR does not receive as much attention. In a company of less than 200 employees, the availability of Human Resource professionals is greater due to less complexity in the tasks performed by them.

A small company is one in which generally less than 500 employees are working together.

It is fact that when a firm is new its core work is to do sales and marketing because it generates financial or other profits. So financial management is crucial. Although HR department works from starting of company, but it gets low attention from top management until organization size will get increase.


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