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Red Lobster Restaurant Manager: Human Resource Management


This write-up seeks to analyze the role of Human resource management and its vital role for job analysis and job description objectives. Red Lobster well known seafood restaurants brand in the US and Canada developed a new business strategy to focus on value and improve its image, it established a new vision, mission, and goals for the company. Although Red Lobster had not had any problem with hiring restaurant managers, the company felt that the managers it hired did not always reflect Red Lobster’s strategy, vision, and values.

Based on that Red Lobster hired a consultant to recruit management-level staff. They have asked for designing an overall strategy that will help create job descriptions to improve the fit between its new management hires and its new business strategy.

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The whole aim of strategic staffing is increasing the performance of the business (Phillips, 2015).

Seven staffing activities support developing staff, which are Planning, sourcing, recruiting, selecting, acquiring, deploying, and retaining talent.

  • Planning process involves assessing the current company needs and what the labor market has to offer to meet these needs. Planning involves hiring manager and staffing specialist. Red Lobster new business strategy is to focus on value, improve its image and hospitality minded staff. Therefore, the desired talent in the management role has to have good knowledge of the hospitality industry, have a welcoming personality and must have knowledge of preparing and serving of seafood (Phillips, 2015).
  • Sourcing involves looking for qualified staff and getting the right platform to look for them. Hospitality staff found mainly in restaurants, hotels or resorts. The best method of communication for appropriate candidates would be through hospitality career publications or employment hiring websites.
  • Recruiting identifies potential people to the job, and then recruiting will convert the potential candidates to actual applicants. (Phillips, 2015).
  • Selection involves testing skills for candidates and interviews to determine their capabilities and qualifications. Targeting recruitment is more effective because it avoids taking in candidates who are really out of the scope. In this position, a person with a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management needs with a minimum of 2-4 years’ experience.
  • Acquiring talent is the process of putting together job offers that will attract chosen candidates. Job offers can be negotiated although most are not (Lynn, 2018).
  • Deploying and retaining talent looks for assigning appropriate job roles in an organization. It is involved in the leveraging on an organizations talent. Succession management and career development are also effective tools for retaining high performing employees.

Job description for the Red Lobster Restaurant Manager position Red Lobster has been at the forefront of fine dining since it is found in 1968 and is currently looking for someone to join its management team to continue this tradition.


Restaurant Manager

Job Objectives:

To create an enjoyable dining experience for clientele that will cause repeat business.

Duties for this position:

  • Responsible for sales and profitability of the restaurant
  • Responsible for provide the highest level of hospitality and quality food to our customers
  • Menu design
  • Responsible to lead and manage a group of team member ( Team Size: 15-25 people)
  • Responsible for restaurant inventory, ordering and administrative process
  • Continuously build understanding on customer needs and expectations.
  • Demonstrates in depth scientific and competitive knowledge and is recognized as an expert resource by all relevant stakeholders
  • Proactively identifies customer style/behavior and adapts quickly all aspect of selling approach
  • Excellent Customer service management skills
  • Excellent problem solving approach
  • Operated in a matrix environment and builds collaborative partnership with restaurant staff


  • Candidate must process at least Diploma in Hospitality/ food services/ Food tech.
  • At least 2-4 years of working experience in dining
  • Must have Food Worker Card or be able to obtain within 14 days of starting
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Able to coach and mentor a group of team member
  • Problem solving Skills
  • Self-discipline and self-motivated with dynamic personality to strive for better results

Benefits Offered:

  • Competitive salary ($ 55.000 – $ 65,000 annually)
  • Medical insurance
  • Annual incentive
  • Excellent career pathway
  • 401 (K) retirement plan
  • Writing a job ad should take into account several different items. There should be the basic job descriptions and requirements as well as preferred skills as well. It should do a good job of explaining the day-to-day duties of what the candidate might be doing.

There should also be some description of the company, a brief summation of its history, business logo, special considerations and possibly organizational structure (Hernandez, 2016).

In this particular case study, Red Lobster has asked for a job description to be written for a management level position. This will later be used to help them write other job descriptions for various positions. In creating this advertisement, a process will need to document as well as the final product itself, to ensure that they will be able to reproduce it again.

Initially the company should ask about the basic job responsibilities; even shadowing a current manager for a day might shed some light on this. Necessary certifications, etc. should research as well. Next the company’s “wish list” should document, that is what would prefer to have in a perfect candidate but may not be necessary to successfully be in this position.

Lastly, the company should list what they are offering in exchange for the person’s employment. This could be anything from salary, paid time off, dental insurance, vision insurance, and health insurance, as well as retirement savings. All of these should state up front so that the candidate is not surprised when they interview for the position.


Skills identification are necessary for all managers surveyed include identifying customer problems, maintaining professional and ethical standards, developing a climate of trust and implementation of the Organization’s mission and objectives.

Recruiting a restaurant manager is not an easy process; it needs a high professional recruiter


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