Human Behavior In Society

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Behavior is the reaction and response to any change in the environment. It is actually how one response toward others. Behavior is the action and mannerism made by the individuals to conduct with others.

Society is the combination of all living things in which all things interact with each other geographically and socially. It is the large social group that shares the same geographical, social and same political authorities. It is a combination of many communities. There are six categories of society. Each of them has its specific characteristics.

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Categories of Societies:

  • Trapping and combined societies
  • Clerical societies
  • Agricultural societies
  • Horticultural societies
  • Industrial societies
  • Post-industrial societies
  • Characteristics of societies:
  • Biggest group of living organisms
  • Fulfill all the requirements of its members
  • One of the basic characteristics is collaboration and relationship

The positive response to anybody is the good behavior. Examples of good behavior are activeness, passionate, curative, creative, keenness, reasonable, managed and accurate. Activeness in behavior means always busy in something which proves to be beneficial for the development of society. The passionate behavior in society leads to progress. The curative behavior creates good relations in society. The creativeness in the behavior leads to the inventions and development which are beneficial for the society members. The keenness in behavior always finds new ways for the betterment of society. Reasonable behavior in society deals well with the matters of people. The managed behavior wants everything should be done in the right way. The accurate behavior in society provides preciseness to any aspect of the society.

The negative response to anybody is bad behavior. Examples of bad behavior are nervousness, carelessness, idleness, undisciplined, inflexible behavior, stress, selfishness, greed, anger and uncomfortable. The nervousness in behavior makes people crazy and uneasy which leads to many mental problems. The carelessness in behavior leads to the destruction in society. The idleness in behavior in society leads to the laziness in work. Undisciplined behavior makes society’s environment uncomfortable. The inflexible behavior proves to be very dangerous for relations with other society members. The stress in behavior takes you away from society and takes you in the world of tensions and worries, which may also lead to mental retardation. The selfishness in behavior proves very dangerous for society because selfish people think about their interest, they never think about the benefits of the whole society. The greedy behavior in society leads to failure in every field. They just think about the positive aspects/results of every work, but in this case the results come against the expectations which cause loss. The anger in behavior proves to be very threatening in relation.

The interaction with people means to react and communicate. For example, we communicate with groups, organizations, and nations for relation, trade, and migration. There are two possibilities that how we react with the people of society. One is that we react with good manners and others rudely. But we must react with the people in good manners. For becoming good in social interaction, we must follow the following instructions.

  • Straight forward
  • Build rapport
  • Be a helper
  • Always be positive
  • Be polite
  • Listen effectively
  • Give your time to the people
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Accept and celebrate differences
  • Be cooperative
  • Be sincere

By following the above points, we can behave good with the people of society. Our personality depends upon our behavior that it will groom positively or negatively. There are two main types of people in our society one is good and the other is bad. If we want to develop our personality positively, then we should interact with both types of people with good manners. This attitude will help in grooming a positive personality, otherwise, our personality grooming will move towards the negative phase of personality so, we must react positively. it is said that ‘As every successful parent learns, one way to encourage good behavior, from room-cleaning to tooth-brushing, is to make it fun. Not surprisingly, the same principle applies to adults. Adults like to have fun, too’. (Richard Thaler). So, that we must react positively with the people to groom our personality, there must be another possibility that our behavior is not good it will lead our behavior towards negative aspects due to which there is fear of the becoming notorious in the society, if we deal with the bad people with the bad manner then its impact on our behavior is very dangerous. This all is due that people influence our thoughts and feelings they don’t care due to which we also behave rudely there are the factors which influence the human behavior

  1. Abilities (Good abilities like honesty, braveness, hardworking and determination influence the men towards positive behavior.)
  2. Gender (Gender can also influence the human behavior that how a person can play a good role in his gender.)
  3. Race and Culture (Race and culture also affect the behavior that our frequency exactly matches with the same race and same culture.)
  4. Attribution (Attribution also effect our behavior when we perform something well for the other person it also improves our behavior.)
  5. Perception (perception also helps in improve our behavior towards positivity.)
  6. Attitude (Good attitude also help in building positive behavior.)

These all the above points help in improving the behavior and help in reacting with the people with a good attitude. If you know how to respect myself and how to respect others then you should also know that how we respected b


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