Essays on Human Body

Issues Of Black Skin People

These references given by Fanon make us sure that Blacks were very insecure about their position and identity in the society that’s the reason they wanted to get married to a white person so as to get rid of their race and can experience the same power and superiority like whites . The term hybridity...
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Blood Pressure: Definition Of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a disease that affects the heart or blood vessels (NHS,2020). Several risk factors lead to CVD and one of them is high blood pressure and therefore, every person should be aware of the risk that comes with high blood pressure and how to get it under control. For further help and...
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Immune System: General Characteristics

Organisms are connected in a complex web of relationships. Although many of these are benign, not all are, and everything alive devotes significant resources to identifying and neutralizing threats from other species. From bacteria through to primates, the presence of some kind of effective immune system has gone with evolutionary success. The problems that the...
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Immune System And Anorexia

The immune system is weakened due to the emphasis that the neuroendocrine system has on it. Most studies have been on the neuroendocrine system. The neuroendocrine system controls the hormones balances within the body which affect the production of leukocytes. Patients with anorexia have severe hormone imbalances due to the lack of nutrition and this...
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Nutrition Strategies For A Strong Immune System

Nutrition Strategies For A Strong Immune System Keep your overall energy intake at maintenance level or above To keep your immune system functioning at its best, make sure you eat enough energy to meet all your body needs. If you cut your food intake, by reducing calories, you might deprive your immune system of energy...
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Homeostasis And Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative condition globally (Soukup, Vanhauwaert, & Verstreken, 2018). It is caused by the preferential degradation of dopaminergic (DAergic) neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta, part of the midbrain, causing dysfunctions such as rigidity, postural instability and tremors (Bisaglia, Greggio, Beltramini, & Bubacco, 2013). Studies have...
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Negative Effect On Metabolism

According to an article from Gizmodo, entitled “A Common Preservative in Cheese and Bread Could Negatively Affect Our Metabolism,” certain types of preservative found in our everyday lifestyle food can have a negative effect on our metabolism. In the recent years, researchers have been mindfully cautioning about the damages that specific nourishment added substances may...
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Physiological Homeostasis Of An Active Person Versus A Non-active Person

Introduction The maintenance of a steady internal environment regardless of a constantly changing external condition is called Homeostasis. It enables all body frameworks to perform within an acceptable range. Human bodies maintain a stable internal environment of ~37 °C, ~0.1% blood glucose, blood pH of ~7.35. It is maintained by feedback loops, mainly negative feedback...
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Homeostasis: The Role Of Ghrelin

Homeostasis is the tendency for the body to maintain a relatively constant internal environment, which is crucial to sustain life as both humans and many other organisms operate on a narrow range of optimal conditions. Homeostasis is achieved through the collaboration of the various systems and hormones within the body (Englehart, 2018). Ghrelin is an...
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Usage Of Human Genetic Modification

In modern society, human genetic modification is a topic that receives a lot of controversial opinions. Human genetic modification is the direct manipulation of the genome using molecular engineering techniques; two separate ways to apply genetic modification are somatic genetic modification and germline genetic modification (Genetics and, n.d.). A recent milestone in human genetic modification...
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