Essays on Human Body

Diseases And Disorders In The Axial Skeleton

The skeletal system can be broken down into two components, called the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton is a part of the skeleton that includes the bones of the top and trunk of the vertebrate. The axial portion consists of 80 bones and is composed of six elements which are the...
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Obesity And Its Effects On The Human Body Of Americans

Obesity and Morbid Obesity are common illnesses in America and as of 2016 approximately 39.8% of Americans struggle with this condition (Hales, M.C,Carroll, M.D, Fryar, C.D,Ogden,C.L, 2017, pa.2). Obesity refers to someone being 20% over their typical body weight (Martini, F.H., Nath, J.L.,Bartholomew, F.E, 2018, pg.967) and morbid Obesity refers to someone who is 100...
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Sensory Pathways And The Somatic Nervous System

What is Pain? Everyone has experienced pain in their lives, whether it’s a bruise or a burn from touching the oven not knowing it was on. But not everyone experiences pain in the same way. There are lots of pathways in our Nervous system that bring information to our brain, but there are different sensory...
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Steroids And The Impact On The Human Body

Steroids is categorized as one of the major lipid groups. Lipids are “fats, oils, waxes and fat-like molecules (such as steroids) found in the body. Their roles include components of cell membranes (phospholipids and cholesterol), energy stores, chemical messengers (steroid ‘hormones’), protection, waterproofing, insulation and buoyancy agents,” (Lipids). Its structure is made up of carbons...
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Group Of Heart Diseases

Heart disease is a group of conditions that influence parts of the heart functions. There are four conditions for heart disease Coronary artery, heart attack, Congenital heart disease. Heart attack starts when blood that is supplied to the heart starts to slow down because of blockage. Congenital heart or blood vessels near the heart didn’t...
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Circadian Slocks And Metabolism

In mammals the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus is the master circadian clock for the entire body. The clock controls the sleep/wake cycle because it is synchronized with solar time. However, the clock has many other features such as the regulation of physical and chemical functions of the body. The circadian system orchestrates metabolism in...
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Opportunity Of Bionic Eye

Today, an estimated 40 million are blind with a further 290 million people visually impaired. Within the midst of this vast issue is a device known as the bionic eye. Blind people with macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa need this device for navigation, facial recognition and daily functioning, such as reading the time or recognising...
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Detailed Introduction To Enzymatic Modification Technology

Since enzymes have the advantages of reaction specificity, high catalytic efficiency and mild reaction conditions, they have been increasingly used in industry, agriculture, medicine and environmental protection. But the overall has not yet reached the level of large-scale application, the main reason is that the enzyme itself has some deficiencies, such as instability, strict requirements...
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Heart Transplants - The Human Body

We live in a day and age of science. We live in a day and age of advancement of exponential technology. We live in a day and age of discovery. A world where a new thing pops up, and a new discovery is learnt and found through factors such as hints/clues of evidence which leads...
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The Importance Of Homeostasis

Homeostasis, a self-regulating procedure by which biological frameworks will in general keep up stability while changing in accordance with conditions that are ideal for endurance (Kotas and Medzhitov2015). On the off chance that homeostasis is effective, life proceeds; if ineffective, wellbeing calamity or demise results. The stability achieved is really a unique harmony, in which...
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